Positive stock market close, Adika jumped 14%, Brill fell 17.6%

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Ongoing reporting from the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange: the important updates, the prominent stocks, the bonds and the analysts’ updates

17:30 – Closing on the stock exchange: The Tel Aviv 35 and Tel Aviv 125 indices rose by 0.6%, Tel Aviv Banks rose by 0.8% – Discount climbed by 1.7% at the top of the sector.

Ofko rose by 2.3% and OPC Energy by 2.2% at the top of Tel Aviv 35, Shikun VeBinui lost 2.9% at the bottom of the index; 6.6% and Cellcom weakened by 4.5% at the bottom.

After the reports: Ratio rose by 1.8%, Mitronics fell by 2.6%, Brill fell by 17.6%, Emet Computing jumped by 9.5%, Adika jumped by 14%, the controlling owner of which Golf lost 3.7%.

In a weekly summary: TA 135 decreased by 0.3%, TA 125 increased by 0.1%; Mizrahi Tefahot recorded a weekly increase of 4.9%, Poalim rose by 4.7% and Leumi by 4%, all three at the top of Tel Aviv 35 – and pushed Tel Aviv Banks to a weekly increase of 3.6%, at the top of the stock market indices.

LivePerson fell 9% this week at the bottom of Tel Aviv 35. Retailers was led by Tel Aviv 90 with an overall jump of 28.7%, Partner climbed 12.4% against the backdrop of the transfer of control to Gabay’s team. Fattal lost 10.1% at the bottom of the index.
14:55 – The Adika fashion company, which is controlled by the Golf Group, concludes the third quarter with a decrease in revenue and a loss – but she says she expects a better future. The company notes that it expects a moderation in growth rates in the short term, compared to the corresponding quarters, as part of the efficiency program aimed at improving gross and operating profitability

Adika’s revenues decreased by 16% and amounted to NIS 42 million, mainly due to a reduction in the company’s activity in Israel. In the bottom line, Adika recorded a loss of NIS 6 million, compared with a balance in the corresponding quarter last year.

14:50 – Holmes Place is up 2.9% after the reports. The fitness club chain ended the third quarter with a net profit of NIS 5.5 million. This is compared to a loss of NIS 20.7 million in the corresponding period in 2020, when there was a ban on operating gyms due to the corona plague. In the third quarter of 2019, before the plague, Holmes Place recorded a net profit of NIS 3 million.

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Gym Holmes Place Fitness Club

Holmes Place Fitness Club

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12:10 – Turbogen continues the opening jump and jumps by 24.5% on its second day on the stock exchange. In total, Turbogen recorded a 62.7% rise in both trading days.

Brill shoe market, which is responsible for, among other things, Gali stores, fell by 14.2% after publishing its quarterly reports last night.

12:05 – Emet Computing jumps 8.5% to a market value of more than NIS 1 billion, after the company reported a 66% jump in net profit in the third quarter.

The increase in results was due, among other things, to the successful assimilation of companies it acquired abroad and a decrease in financing expenses.

Elco retreated 2% in the wake of the reports. The holding company of the Zelkind brothers sold its holdings in Golan Telecom in the corresponding quarter last year, which created a one-time profit that offset the increase in net profit in the third quarter of 2020.

10:00 – Trading on the Ahuzat Beit Stock Exchange opened in a positive trend – the Tel Aviv 35 Index is up 0.4%, the Tel Aviv 125 is up 0.5% and Tel Aviv Banks is up 0.6%.

After the reports – Adika increases by 4.9%, Israel Shipyards adds 0.4%, Elco strengthens by 0.5%.

Nova leads the Tel Aviv 35 index with an increase of 2.6%, Shikun VeBinui deletes 2% at the bottom of the index.

7:25 – The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange will open the last day of the trading week after closing The silence recorded yesterday in New York, While the Dow Jones Industrial Average maintained its opening level and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq rose 0.2% and 0.4%, respectively.

Today there will be no trading on the New York Stock Exchange due to Thanksgiving, so investors in Tel Aviv will not receive directional calls from Wall Street.

The local stock market closed lower yesterday – the Tel Aviv 35 and Tel Aviv 125 indices weakened by 0.4%, and Tel Aviv Banks maintained its opening level.

Arad jumped 6.2% after announcing a self-acquisition and separation of subsidiaries. The Biogroup bonus was 0.6% stronger against the backdrop of good results in a drug trial for Corona.

Turbogen jumped 30.6% on its first trading day on the stock exchange and closed at a market value of NIS 162.7 million. Retailers climbed 7% and completed a 28.1% jump from the beginning of the week.

After the reports were published, on the positive side – Sheikh Medical rose by 6%, Net Melinda climbed by 4%, Communications Space rose by 2.2%, Azorim added 1.5%, Azrieli climbed by 0.3%. On the downside – Housing and Construction fell 3%, Paz Oil lost 2.8%, Victory retreated 1.9%, Snow, El Al and Castro weakened 1.1%.

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Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 4Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 4

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