Poste, Del Fante: “We are a safe haven for the Italians, I thank all the employees”

The interview with the CEO of Poste on the new news of the company | Courier TV

In the Covid emergency, Poste Italiane has strengthened its traditional role as a safe haven for Italians to save, as evidenced by the results of the third quarter (here the full article). This is what Matteo Del Fante, CEO of Poste Italiane underlined, in an interview with TG Poste, the company’s new news program, taking the opportunity to thank all the employees. “With the great confidence of investors in our network and with the great work done by our colleagues in post offices, the assets under management have increased by more than 20 billion in the last nine months. Let’s talk about important numbers, Poste Italiane is confirmed as the safe haven for many Italians to invest their precious savings without risk. I want to thank my colleagues – Del Fante said again – because all we managed to do was thanks to everyone’s work. The company has worked miracles by putting our colleagues in a position to work safely, but this is not enough, it takes a component of heart and dedication that all employees of Poste Italiane have ».



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