Poste Italiane expands its customer assistance services


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More than 8 million conversations have been handled to date by the digital operator of Poste Italiane’s customer service via telephone, web and whatsapp. This was announced by Poste in a note in which it explains that it has increased the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to respond to requests for assistance from customers. Poste’s digital assistant solves problems, user requests and at the same time improves its own skills through interactions with humans.

The strengthening of the digital assistance channel, voicebot and chatbot, has made it possible to address numerous standardized and repetitive assistance requests, using human language and allowing traditional customer care to dedicate itself to more complex situations. Surveys on satisfaction indicate excellent appreciation of the service with Poste digital assistant both for the voice channel and for the chat channel. “A necessary step”, according to Poste, “which also made it possible to manage the impact of the health emergency, with about 400 thousand requests for services related to Covid-19, resolved in a totally digital and automatic way”. “The use of artificial intelligence is in line with Poste Italiane’s strategy, which aims to offer services and assistance to customers through a system in which physical and human channels are increasingly integrated with digital and technological ones”, underlines the ‘company.

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