Postepay becomes Green, here is the sustainable paper for the “pocket money” of young people-

Biodegradable and green. Poste Italiane launches the new rechargeable card Postepay Green, created in collaboration with Visa and dedicated to children aged 10 to 17. It is a paper made up of 82% polylactic acid of biological origin designed in the name of sustainability. With Postepay Green, Poste Italiane expands the field of its ESG applications (Environmental, Social and Governance) for environmental protection, promoting the development and use of eco-sustainable products. The target? To reach the goal of 20 million biodegradable papers by 2025.

How does it work

Thanks to the card young people can make daily purchases and payments independently, physically and digitally, or exchange small amounts of money with your friends. Parents, on the other hand, can use the App to customize the use of the Green card according to the needs of the moment. After downloading the Postepay App, children can access innovative and “smart” services, such as payments in shops affiliated with “Postepay Code” (just frame the exposed QR code with the smartphone camera), smartphone payments through Google Pay, “p2p” money transfers from one Postepay card to another, or the purchase of transport tickets.

Finally, with Postepay Green it is possible to send the “pocket money” to the children through the Postepay App or the website. : parents can choose to set an “automatic pocket money” to top up their child’s card, for example every week (timed) or whenever the available balance falls below the chosen threshold (a threshold), to be sure that Postepay Green is always charged. Through the “parental control” service, parents can also keep their child’s expenses under control, set withdrawal / spending limits, enable / disable the card for online purchases for individual product categories and use abroad. Postepay Green can be recharged through all the channels available for other Postepay cards: at a post office, at Postamat ATMs, through tobacconists and affiliated points of sale of the PuntoLIS network, or online on the website or, again, from your smartphone or tablet thanks to the free Postepay and BancoPosta apps.


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