Postepay code for merchants can be activated online

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Merchants interested in the Postepay Code, the service that allows customers to pay for their purchases by framing the QR Code displayed in the affiliated points of sale with the Postepay App, can now join directly online on the page dedicated to the service on . A solution, explains Poste in a note, “innovative for the business development of commercial operators, merchants and freelancers”, which allows “speed, ease of collection, reduced costs and the possibility of accepting payment methods complementary to the POS”.

To join, explains Poste, just fill out the form by entering the required data; upload the identity documents and any additional documents indicated; proceed with the signing of the contract through Advanced Electronic Signature and, finally, carry out the recognition by video or bank transfer. The merchant will be notified via PEC of the activation of the service and will receive by mail the kit containing the QR Code to be combined with the Codicepostepay App and to be displayed in his business. Until 31/12/2021, points out Poste, the fee and commissions are zeroed. Among those who have already implemented the payment acceptance service via Postepay Code, the Cooperative Taxi Samarkand (which operates in the city of Rome), and all the tobacconists of the LIS network who, together with the post offices and the already affiliated merchants, participate in the initiatives contained in the Italy Cashless Plan launched by the government.

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