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A pothole in the middle of the road is a threat to travelers

Monday, August 8, 2022 12:36 AM IST

Tripunithura: SN Junction Railway Flyover Tarilaki Marri Road The formation of a pit in the middle raises the threat of danger. Heavy load to Kochi Refinery and Eastern Region Each girder on the overpass where we and the passenger vehicles travel The valleys are formed as pits in the part where the rocks meet.
Due to the difference in height at the junction of the earlier girders As the horses pass from each girder to the next, the horse swerves. It reminded me of Ree. With the addition of Buddhimutt, Girder Che is left for other calls. The Runna section was tarred and leveled to facilitate travel. But without dwelling too much, this part became more tarry than the previous one. The pit is formed in a large way and the concrete part of the bottom is exposed. It was relaxing. The size of the potholes increases with continued rain. is Due to this, travelers are becoming more intelligent. Two-wheeler travel especially at night Most of those who do are jumping in these pits. This area experiences a huge traffic jam in the morning and evening. that


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