Power Bond Cancellation: `Real Estate Agent Approval Not Required ‘- What is the Registrar’s New Order? | Consent not needed to scrap the Power of Attorney says tn registration inspector

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The Tamil Nadu Registry has stated that it does not require the consent of the agent to cancel the power of attorney relating to the sale of the property and does not need to inform him in writing.

The details of the circular sent by the Deputy Inspector General of Registration, DIG, Chennai Regional Registration Department to all the Registrars are as follows:

“Complaints have been received that the owner should inform the agent (real estate agent) in writing of the details of the cancellation of the General Power of Attorney, and that the registrars will refuse to accept the revocation of public authority documents unless such proof is provided,” he said. .

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The consent of the agent is not required to cancel the authorization document. No need to insist on filing the original document. In the event of a telegram or letter announcing the revocation of a public authority document, the registrars should instruct the owner to register the revocation document in order to cancel the public authority document.


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