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CHENNAI- Tamil Nadu’s power consumption fell to 28.97 crore units yesterday due to the ongoing holiday.

Electricity consumption is the amount of electricity used by the whole of Tamil Nadu in a day, i.e. 24 hours. Accordingly, the average daily electricity consumption is 30 crore units. This exceeds 35 crore units during summer. On April 29 this year, electricity consumption increased to 38.80 crore units. This is the highest ever. Then, due to rains in southern districts in July and August, the daily power consumption was at the normal level of 30 crore units.

By the end of Sept., the sun was burning. All businesses are in full swing ahead of Dussehra and Ayudha Puja festival business. As a result, the power consumption once again crossed 30 crore units, and on September 30, it was 33.08 crore units. Yesterday and the day before yesterday were holidays for government and private offices in view of Ayutth Puja and Vijayadashami. Although they functioned on Monday, the employees celebrated Ayudha Puja and went home that day.

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Some went to their hometowns and tourist spots on Friday due to the ongoing holiday. As a result, the power consumption decreased to 28.97 crore units the day before yesterday. It was 31.20 crore units on the 1st of this month; 28.38 crore units in 2; 3 was 30.93 crore units. Yesterday, it rained in many districts including Chennai. Due to this yesterday power consumption is likely to decrease further.

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