Praew takes over Dr.Wichai Clinic to find a helper for skin rejuvenation after laser. “Serum from the umbilical cord mucosa, red deer”

When it comes to beauty innovations, beautiful overnight beauty hits. I believe that there must be the name of “laser” at the top for sure, especially if focusing on skin care. Let me tell you that laser technology helps girls. very well anyway

For this reason gleaming So don’t miss out on taking everyone to get to know Dr.Wichai Clinic, a quality beauty clinic. It was founded by Dr. Wichai Hongjaru, a leading laser and beauty specialist in Thailand. which specializes in laser innovation and is famous With more than 20 years of experience as the founder of THE SWANLAKE of St. Louis Hospital until becoming the number one skin and laser center in Thailand

where Dr.Wichai Clinic is a leader in the use of cutting-edge technology and technology. To help up a comprehensive beauty for girls especially taking care and solving skin problems with laser innovations Which is considered very outstanding by Dr. Wichai Hongjaru, a golden hand doctor of the skin laser industry. Has given knowledge about 3 famous lasers of Dr.Wichai Clinic that I would like to say that I will definitely love skin lovers.

The first famous laser of Dr.Wichai Clinic is Nano Fractional RF Laser that helps brighten the skin. tighten pores Treat melasma and acne scars in detail

Another up-and-coming laser is Fractional Picoway, which is effective in treating melasma, freckles and dark spots, research studies have shown that it can help fade blemishes for a long time. It also has no side effects. It also helps with skin radiance. and problems with enlarged pores as well

Another laser that should not be missed is Sofwave, an innovative skin lifting innovation that Dr.Wichai Clinic imported as the first in Thailand, outstanding in helping to effectively solve sagging and wrinkles problems. down to the dermis layer to help stimulate the creation of new collagen, effective and fast results because the shooting head is large, causing the energy to cover the treatment area more and each shot can cover a large amount of collagen

In addition, Dr. Wichai also shared important tips. that helps restore the skin after laser in a punch that is use Calecim Professional Serum after every laser treatment Including recommending patients to use this serum as a skin care routine in the post-laser period regularly. for perfect results

That’s because Calecim Professional Serum is a high-performance Rejuvenating Conditioned Media cosmeceutical product with the highest range of Growth Factors. thereby helping to restore the skin at the cellular level Effectively repairs the skin Stimulate new skin cells Stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and various skin fillers. effectively Both hyaluronic acid and Glycosaminoglycan, the growth factors of Calecim Professional Serum are up to 80% concentration, able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin better.

improves the quality of the skin to be stronger It is also extracted from the umbilical cord lining of Red Deer (Red Deer Umbilical Cord Lining) from New Zealand in Ethical Farm, a mammal whose protein is closest to human protein.

So in addition to the great results! that helps clear skin dark spots fade tighten pores fade wrinkles And noticeably healthier skin, Calecim Professional Serum is still outstanding. To help reduce Downtime symptoms such as swelling, redness, skin discomfort after laser treatment. or various treatments (Post procedure carerecovery treatment)

Calecim Professional Serum’s high-profile properties are built on the concept of Created by Scientists, Trusted by Doctors, invented and developed by expert scientists. and only paid by a doctorgleaming No wonder that Dr.Wichai Clinic chooses this serum from the umbilical cord mucosa as a skin rejuvenation after laser treatment. It’s called choosing only the best for the patient.

Ladies can follow up with beautiful skin with innovative laser and Calecim Professional Serum with Dr.Wichai Clinic at

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