Prandelli’s resignation as Fiorentina coach – “Probably this world of which I have been a part of all my life, is no longer for me and I no longer recognize myself”: with these words, extracted from a letter published on the Fiorentina website, Cesare Prandelli announced his resignation as a first team coach, a real bolt from the blue for those who are passionate about football. The 63-year-old former coach of the national team, Fiorentina, Atalanta, Valencia, Galatasaray and many other teams including Roma, who he left to be next to his wife, then seriously ill, seems to want to close with the world of football.

“I am aware that my coaching career can end here, but I have no regrets and I don’t want to have any,” he explained, “I will surely be changed and the world is going faster than I thought. So I think the time has come. to stop being carried away by this speed and to stop to find who I really am“.

Prandelli is a gentleman, and this is nothing new. A serious professional. And in fact, when he leaves, he immediately takes care of giving explanations, for what he deems appropriate, especially to those who support football: the fans and the city of Florence, the last one to welcome him. “My decision is dictated by the enormous responsibility that I have first of all for the players and for the club, but not least for the respect I owe to the Fiorentina fans”, writes the Lombard coach in the letter.

And that letter is synonymous with respect. In a frenetic world focused on business such as that of the ball, between exasperated athleticism and stock market prices, suddenly the humanity of a coach emerges who simply, for his own very respectable reasons, decides that it is enough: in this football recognize more.

It is the reflection of a person who gracefully takes his leave, also telling details of himself behind which everyone can read what he wants but which instead, can really be the starting point for reflection: because a coach like Prandelli, who has also become a coach of the national team, do you say you no longer recognize yourself in this world? Maybe in today’s football there is no room for human relationships? Those who work there are only asked for immediate results and without these they end up in the meat grinder?

Prandelli’s decision took everyone by surprise, even if in the purple environment, it is said that some signs of concern had already been detected. At the last press conference after the match lost against Milan 3 to 2, he did not show up accusing a malaise. We are not interested in investigating the matter but rather reflecting on that “enormous regret” with which the Viola company accepted his resignation. A sign that the club has understood and has come to meet its gentleman coach, understanding the reasons that “go beyond football” and “wishing him to find as soon as possible the serenity and energy necessary to obtain the best fortunes for his human future. and professional “.

And Fiorentina, in these hours, is looking for his replacement. The rumors all revolve around a return of Beppe Iachini, of which Prandelli had taken over in November, but there are still no official elements.

The former coach underlines in his letter that it is the second time he has left Fiorentina. The first time not by his will, the second because, as he writes, “in the life of each one, in addition to beautiful things, waste accumulates, poisons that sometimes present the bill all together. In this moment of my life I find myself in an absurd discomfort that does not allow me to be who I am. I embarked on this new experience with joy and love, also carried away by the enthusiasm of the new property. And it is probably the too much love for the city, for the memory of the good moments of sport that I lived there that I was blind to the first signs that something was wrong, something was not exactly in its place inside of me ”.

At 63, a coach like that can still give so much to Italian football, even if now, we no longer recognize each other. It is an outlet that cannot leave indifferent and certainly the Italian fans hope that he can still change his mind.



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