Prato, the live shows are back in Piazza Duomo: in September it will be very light music

Tickets, the square, the collective emotions. Live music returns to be the protagonist of the last part of next summer with concerts in Piazza Duomo in Prato. The official announcement sparked an enthusiasm on social media made up of nostalgia and hope, a spurious feeling that is well connected to the last single from Sanremo of the artists whose participation was revealed: the songwriters Colapesce and Dimartino will play on September 3 (tickets already available online at Their concert will follow Willie Peyote’s scheduled one (2 September) in the heart of the sixth edition of the “Settembre Prato Spettacolo” Festival, which will take place in the city starting from 26 August, whose other dates have yet to be revealed.

The authors of “Musica Leggerissima”, already Platinum and at the top of the radio and streaming charts, they had anticipated it during the week of the Festival: For us, playing live is the most important thing and we can’t wait to do it again, especially after such a penalizing period for live music. So the two Sicilian singer-songwriters will present a show in which both the songs that make up the album “I Mortali” and some classics of their solo repertoire will play live. Accompanying them on stage will also be Any Other (Adele Altro, promise of the Italian underground scene), Alfredo Maddaluno and Giordano Colombo.

The 2021 edition will not be like the previous ones: concerts and shows will be adapted to protocols aimed at preventing Covid-19 contagion, with exclusively seating, divided into three sectors, spaced and assigned during the purchase phase. The ticket purchased online will be digital and will also contain the indication of the access point to the square in order not to create queues at the entrances. We are aware of the difficult moment that we are all experiencing – says Francesco Fantauzzi, director of the Festival and president of Fonderia Cultart – and the announcement of the program aims to be a message of trust both for the entire live entertainment sector, suspended for 9 months of the last 12, both for the public who will finally be able to return to safely enjoy the music.

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A message of hope and caution collected and relaunched by the city institutions. After the forced stop of last year – commented the mayor of Prato, Matteo Biffoni – nice to be able to announce the new edition of September – Prato Spettacolo. a sign of optimism that we all need, an appointment that also a restart, particularly important for the world of entertainment and the many professionals who work there. The September Festival – explains the municipal councilor to Simone Mangani – will be done, in possible conditions and in compliance with safety protocols. Music in the square will return not only as a moment of sharing and celebration but also as a work opportunity that has been long overdue by an entire sector.

April 9, 2021 | 18:59

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