Prato, the unpublished OtellO of the artistic collective Kinkaleri al Fabbricone

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The goal is to investigate the tragedy with two simple elements: a word that lies and a body that tells the truth. The artistic collective Kinkaleri stages (debut Thursday 28 October, at 8.45 pm, Teatro Fabbricone di Prato, single place 18 euros) one of the most famous and represented Shakespearean tragedies in the world. But their OtellO – which is written in this way, precisely because it contains the lemma tell: to say, to tell – a completely innovative text that unfolds in research: the body of the four performers that simultaneously contains “word” and “sound”, to tell together about himself and what he alludes to.

The show, highly anticipated in the Metastasio program, presents itself as a hybrid dramaturgy between dance and theater. We have always been a bit eccentric with respect to definitions, – explains Massimo Conti, one of the members of the artistic collective, on this point – but we know what interests us in the relationship with the scene: the body. The latter is the relationship with its presence and with the tensions it produces, which never tends to represent something else. The body lies in the image, but not in its representation: the moment it is brought onto the scene and a spectator looks on. The show is a rewrite designed and created by Conti together with Marco Mazzoni and Gina Monaco.

The story of the murderous jealousy of the warrior Othello, educated to a single ethics and truth, meets and overlaps with the words of Iago, who uses language subjective and not ideological. A tragedy fed with stories, suppositions and imaginations. The company’s work – dark, physical and human – does not have an interpretative canon, but a rhythm. The other fulcrum of the show – concludes Conti – is the relationship between individual and collective. The characters of the tragedy pass through the bodies of the performers, who are Chiara Lucisano, Caterina Montanari, Daniele Palmeri and Michele Scappa.

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27 October 2021 | 18:33

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