Manchester City’s players are not in the top five most goals scored in the Premier League. But it was City who scored the most goals this season. The Young Player of the Year, Golden Glove and Player of the Season The City’s crowning achievement of these awards is the success of the Fellowship.

Switching players, the flow of the game, the multiple players who can land in every position, all add up to 29 wins in 99 games in the league, 99 goals, only three defeats and 26 conceded goals. This is the secret of City’s success. The fact that City retained the title without a great striker is a testament to the team’s excellence.

Attacking midfielder Phil Foden became the driving force behind City’s success. Foden has scored 9 goals in 27 appearances. Paved the way for 5 goals. He won the Best Young Actor award for the second time in a row. Kevin De Bruyne, who has scored 15 goals in 29 appearances, is City’s leading scorer. The Belgian player with the best player of the season.

Sterling (13 goals) and Riyadh Mehras (11 goals) were part of City’s goal machine. Tottenham’s Humin Son and Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah have joined forces this season with 23 goals, followed by Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo with 18 goals. Manchester City’s Ederson has shared the Golden Glow award with Liverpool’s Allison. Both are Brazilian players.

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