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Doha: This is the war of Europe’s riches. The second semester of Current world champions France and Fu 10 years of England making the history of t-ball Head to the field R is coming.

This is also the first time in the World Cup knockout. Both the teams are the group winners. and advanced. England’s young blood in the pre-quarters A goal against Senegal After losing by three goals Kylian Mbappé’s double goal Three goals against one of the best There is the victory of France.

Advanced strength

Kylian Mba in great form Antoine Grie with the advance led by P. Sman and Olivier Giroud line up France has its advantage. On the other hand, England is not bad either. Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, Bukayo Saka, Marka Rashford, Raheem Sterling… how great There is a big line of people There is

England has scored 12 goals in the World Cup so far. There were very few goals conceded. There is The biggest difference between the two teams It is Lyon Mbappe. English to capture Mbappé Whom will Sheelkan appoint Gareth Southgate? What are the fans looking forward to?

Prevention is critical

England has the upper hand in defence. France’s defense is not that good. But the advanced and intermediate ranks are better. Viewing the demonstration. Adrien Rabiot and Griezmann Loan should be taken. Therefore, English resistance and French advance Today’s fight will be between them. Nth quarter.

England in the second consecutive World Cup Gareth Southgate to take India to the semis Can you? Both Didi and Deschamps continue In writing the history of Kakapan Take a step forward? The desire of the fans is here!

Who will ring the bell for Mbappé?

France won by five goals in Qatar Kylian Mbappé was involved in the goal. There is That’s why Mbappe was arrested. Tan England will make strategies. Kyle Walker on current form To get the mission to capture P. possibility Mbappé playing for Manchester City Walker also has direct experience. Will be

In the game wing

Attacking through the left wing Both teams like it. 41 percent of their attacks Navum also came through that way. Left Wingbacks Theo Hernand Nine-goal season for France Luke Shaw scores six for England Colors are also created. France created most of the goals. It was created from the left wing; 26 chances and five assists. England is not bad at all. Created 11 chances from the left wing They managed to score three times. .

Super dude

Rise to superstardom England’s young star Jude Bay is on the way. llingham. Prequarter against Senegal English victory at Ratat Posted by Bellingham Advances n. The best midfielder in the world Yee Bellingham will be Phil Fo Dunn’s prediction was not correct. Bellim in duel (26) and tackle (11) Midfielder Khata is as successful as Gham R is not in the world cup.


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