Prescription, in February the M5s swore: “All united to defend our reforms.” But now they are split and go towards abstention

It was among the conditions set by the 5 stars to stay in Draghi government: stick up for the Bonafede reform on the prescription. Today, five months later, that same reform risks being dismantled by the executive and the declarations made by the exponents of the Movement they are very few. But not only that: at the moment, a few hours after cabinet, i vertices M5s they are completely divided between those who want to find a compromise and the “contiani” who instead push for the ministers to abstain from the CDM. On the one hand, the moderates would be represented by the group leader in the House Davide Crippa, while on the opposite side, together with the former Keeper of the Seals, there is the group leader in the Senate Ettore Licheri. The Foreign Minister himself Luigi Di Maio, during the summit, he would call to responsibility.

Justice represents the heart of the M5s work and if the reforms of the Conte 1 and Conte 2 governments were to be revised, it would be an unprecedented blow for the Movement. And yet another wound would open in an already very difficult moment. Only last June 20 had he been the Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli, to the Corriere della Sera, to give his word: “We will not accept justice downward brokerage“He said. “With such a heterogeneous majority it is one of the most difficult issues to address. The role of the minister Cartabia it will be decisive, but we will see in Parliament which majorities are formed and on which reform ”. After all, this has always been the line and the real condition capable of blowing everything up. Just the former Minister of Justice Good faith, questioned by, in February he motivated his vote in favor of Rousseau joining the Draghi government by saying: “I voted Yes, believing that it was essential for such a delicate moment to support the government and be compact as 5 star movement. Because compactness is essential to have an impact in Parliament. Justice is an area that we will defend, I work, having compactness as the goal which allows us to be strong in carrying out the battles of the 5-star Movement. But I cannot force parliamentarians to vote for confidence. I am only interested in working in compliance with the mandate given to us by the citizens ”. Same line held, also in February, by the group leader M5s in the Chamber, Davide Crippa: “It will be important to understand which issues will be pursued and if it is proposed to demolish what has been done so far, certain solutions will be unacceptable for us”, he always told “Which ones are they our poles? Citizenship income, green transition, conflict of interest, prescription “.

We must not forget that, when the 5 stars voted on the Rousseau platform to decide whether or not to join the Draghi government, the political leader Vito Crimi I publish a long post on the Blog of the Stars with the “guarantees” given by the former president of the ECB to 5 stars. “We have emphasized”, it read, “how satisfactory the prescription reform is political meeting point, the agreement previously reached with the Democratic Party and Liberi E Uguali, beyond which the Movement is not willing to go ”.

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