President Hayut reveals: This is my ultra-Orthodox advisor

President Hayut reveals: This is my ultra-Orthodox advisor

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The President of the Supreme Court, Esther Hayut, revealed today (Tuesday) during her speech at the lawyers’ certification ceremony her senior ultra-Orthodox adviser, who served in a senior management position for many years at the Supreme Court.

In her words, Hayut did not refer to the substance of the publications about the head of the Bar Association, Avi Hami, and said that she was sorry that “publications from the last day clouded the festive atmosphere of today’s ceremony”.

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“This is the story of a young Jerusalem girl, bright, smart and talented, who in 1995, after graduating from the Beit Ya’akov seminary, began to study tax consulting and at the same time worked twice a week as a typist at the district court in Jerusalem,” said Hayut.

“The tax consulting course in which she was studying was unexpectedly closed, so she moved to work full-time as a typist in the district court. During this time, she got married and began studying psychology at the Open University. Her third daughter was born with heart defects and paralysis in her lower body, and the challenges that the heroine of our story had to face As a result, they instilled in her the recognition that she needed professional knowledge and new skills in order to take care of the rights of her daughter.

“She applied to study in the ultra-orthodox track for women’s legal studies at the Ono Academic Kirya, which opened at the same time. In 2004, shortly after starting her studies, the judge with whom she worked as a typist in the district court was appointed an acting judge in the Supreme Court. She came with him to us and served as the director of his office.”

Hayut said that “already at that stage she stood out with her extraordinary abilities and skills, and even though upon graduation she planned to go on to practice, she was offered a senior management position in the office of the president of the Supreme Court at the time, Judge Dorit Binish. She chose to accept the position and at the same time completed her master’s degree in law at Bar-Ilan University”.

“She continued to serve in the same position in the offices of Presidents Grunis Van Naor and myself, when I was appointed in October 2017 as the President of the Supreme Court, I did not give up the wise, sharp-thinking and bright-faced advisor.”

The president said that the adviser, for her part, “asked me that during my presidency I would allow her to finally realize her dream, to go on an internship and become a lawyer. I willingly responded to this request. I saw it as a right to allow this amazing woman to continue the professional journey she chose, and to fulfill her ambitions.”

Hayut added that the consultant “went to intern at the Jerusalem Municipality as part of the HLAT, successfully completed the exams, and returned to my office as a senior professional consultant. Her name is Sarah Yafleh and today she is sitting here with us excited and proud with her family members.”

“This is a story about an ultra-Orthodox, smart, talented and hard-working woman who dared to dream and achieved what she dreamed of.”

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