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On the occasion of the 34th School Press and Media Week, Le Parisien – Today in France lifts the veil on its manufacturing secrets. From March 27 to 31, the newspaper exceptionally opens its doors to classes from all over Île-de-France. They will be able to talk to our reporters about how they work, visit our offices and attend our meetings.

Also throughout the week, the editorial team travels to schools, colleges and high schools to explain the job of journalist, while 5,000 copies of the daily will be distributed free of charge in classes. Also on the program, a webinar on sources of information, Tuesday, March 28, with our special envoys in Ukraine, in partnership with Clémi, the public operator responsible for media education.

Finally, you will find below a series of “making of” and the links to the articles (in free access) to which they relate. In these very short videos intended for pupils and their teachers, journalists tell the backstage of subjects that have marked the past year: from the controversial interview with Omar Sy to the final of the Football World Cup, via the megafires in the Landes or the exclusive interview given to us by Olena Zelenska, the first Ukrainian lady.

How the Parisian covered the World Cup final

What a game ! Rarely has a football World Cup final been so rich in twists and turns. The Blues did not renew their performance of 2018, but they offered a breathless spectacle. Reporters, photographers, special correspondents… Benoît Lallement, deputy editor-in-chief of the sports department, talks about the system put in place to report on this crazy encounter.

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How the image of the firefighter was taken in the middle of the flames this summer in Gironde

The forest fire season has been on an unprecedented scale. In addition to the usual devastation they cause all around the Mediterranean, the flames also affected the Jura, the Vosges and even Brittany. Olivier Corsan, photoreporter at Le Parisien, traveled several times this summer to Gironde and the Landes, the hardest hit region. He brought back very strong images of firefighters in intervention. One of them was rewarded by the MaxPPP agency. He tells us in what conditions it was taken.

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Why a little phrase from Omar Sy created controversy

It’s an interview like he often does. A “nourishing and exciting” exchange with actor Omar Sy, around his new feature film “Tirailleurs”, a film on the 1914-1918 war released in January. Yves Jaeglé, reporter for the culture department, did not expect that a sentence taken out of context would provoke controversy and fuel endless and unfounded debates. Unusually, our journalist had to split a clarification.

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How we got an exclusive interview with Ukraine’s first lady

Christel Brigaudeau, a great reporter, has produced numerous reports in Ukraine since the start of the war. One of them, in kyiv, in a children’s hospital under bombing, was particularly noticed. A powerful and poignant story which allowed him, in turn, to get an exclusive interview with the wife of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Olena Zelenska, and to follow the arrival in France, for treatment, of about twenty children. . Among them, Veronika, 6 years old, suffering from leukemia…

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How to prepare a report abroad

Le Parisien has more than 350 journalists who produce dozens of reports every day. If local information is part of the DNA of the title, the reporters also sometimes go abroad to cover international news. Traveling thousands of kilometers from our Paris offices requires a great deal of preparation, as our specialist in environmental issues Émilie Torgemen explains with an example: an article she wrote in Iceland on a factory that captures the CO2 and turns it into stone.

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Why were the subways timed

Topics are decided at an editorial conference or during service meetings. Sometimes they emerge around informal discussions. This is the case for this giant test, which mobilized a dozen journalists. Objective: to precisely measure the deterioration of the quality of service in the Paris metro, the densest network in the world plagued by a series of setbacks. Aubin Laratte, web reporter, coordinated the collection and processing of data.

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