Prices for air taxi in Moscow have become known

The Hover company, which is engaged in the creation of flying taxis, named the cost of a trip on such a vehicle in Moscow. According to the general director of the company Alexander Atamanov, a passenger will need to pay about 200 rubles for each kilometer of the journey.

Initially, the tariff was ten times lower, but due to rising inflation, the business model had to be revised, Atamanov said. According to the new prices, the journey, for example, from the Kremlin to the Moscow-City complex will cost 4 thousand rubles.

It is expected that the first air taxis will appear by 2025; they are planned to be assembled at factories in Moscow, Kazan, Ufa and Krasnoyarsk. The first testing of the drone prototype took place at the end of January at the Luzhniki stadium. The device is capable of lifting two people into the air at the same time. The design of the engines helps it take off vertically from an unprepared platform.



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