Prime Day: Only 2 weeks left. These offers are already valid

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Prime Day 2022 – These special offers are already in effect

Prime Day 2022: offers and deals at a glance

Prime Day 2022: offers and deals at a glance

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With Prime Day, the online shipping company Amazon seduces numerous customers to buy every year. We accompany Prime Day 2022 and have compiled a list of tempting deals. Here you can find out which offers are currently valid.

TThousands of branded products, some dramatically reduced – this is what the shipping giant Amazon offers to members of its Prime service July 12 and 13, 2022. When trying not to miss a bargain, you can quickly lose track. So we take a closer look. For everyone who is on the hunt for bargains, we have put together a list of interesting products, some of which are still heavily discounted. Amazon has compiled information about the event here*.

Prime Day 2022: These offers are currently valid:

smartphones, tablets and computers


Headphones & Bluetooth boxes

cookware and kitchen utensils

Coffee machines & fully automatic machines

vacuum cleaner

Personal hygiene: shaving, brushing teeth, drying hair

gaming accessories



What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a shopping event at the online mail order company Amazon. It should be noted that only Prime members, including those with a Prime student membership, can benefit from the Prime Day offers, all other customers buy the products at the regular price. However, it is possible to test the subscription to the online mail order company for 30 days free of charge*. In this way, users can spontaneously enjoy a few bargains.

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However, consider whether the Prime subscription for 69 euros a year or 7.99 euros a month is worth it for you in the long term. In addition to free premium shipping for many items, it also offers a wide range of streaming content – if you don’t want this, you can cancel your subscription during the test phase. In any case, Prime Day is good business for Amazon, because the campaign not only increases sales, but also helps the company to achieve a sharp increase in completed subscriptions.

Die Highlights des Prime Day 2022

As far as this year’s offers are concerned, Amazon is keeping a low profile in 2021 until just before the start. As previous years have shown, however, a number of Prime Day bargains in the areas of technology, beauty, home and household, and clothing are to be expected. A few days before Prime Day, Prime members can already take a look at the offer – Amazon usually publishes an overview of the planned offers and bargains in the week before Prime Day

Tip for Prime Day 2022: no blind panic purchases!

You can save money with many Prime Day offers. Nevertheless, you should not be blinded by a supposedly unbeatable price. There is even time for a price comparison when Amazon increases the pressure due to low or limited availability. Check the manufacturer websites and price comparison sites such as* (belongs to Axel Springer SE like WELT) to see whether you can really save something with the offer. Especially when buying technology, make sure that the Amazon offers are new or refurbished devices, or whether the models on offer are older.

Ultimately, what is also decisive on Prime Day is that a product that you neither need nor really want is not a good buy, even if it is heavily discounted. But if you are already looking for a new smartphone, tablet, television or headphones, you can definitely find what you are looking for as an Amazon Prime customer. And if you don’t like an offer after the bargain rush has passed, make use of your right of return.

* If you make a purchase using the links marked with an asterisk, WELT will receive a small commission. You can find our standards of transparency and journalistic independence at


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