Prime Minister Narendra Modi has topped the list of the world’s most popular leaders with 71 per cent support. In a poll conducted in May last year, Modi’s influence fell to 63 percent and has now increased. The Morning Consult has published this popular list.

According to The Morning Consult, seventy-one percent of the world’s top leaders support Prime Minister Modi. Mexican President Andrs Manuel Lபpez came in second with 66 percent support. U.S. President Joe Biden is in sixth place with 43 percent support. British Prime Minister Modi’s Boris Johnson is in 13th place, with 26 percent support.

According to a poll conducted by The Morning Consult in May 2020, 84 per cent people support Prime Minister Modi. But that was down from 63 percent in a May 2021 poll. Significantly, there is currently a 70% increase in opinion polls.

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