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First the health drama around Fürstin Charlene (43), now a crazy character assassination campaign!

All hell has broken loose in the tax haven of Monaco: some VIPs are out Prince Albert (63) People in the immediate vicinity, including Didier Linotte (President of the Supreme Court) and Foreign Minister Laurent Anselmi, have been repeatedly accused of corruption and illegal activities.


Albert spoke in the local paper “Monaco-Matin” of an “extermination campaign by enemy forces”! A targeted dissemination of false reports in order to question the “sincerity and loyalty” of the victims, according to the prince.

Who is behind it?

The alleged evidence was published on a US website (“Dossiers du Rocher”). But the hottest trail leads to Russia! From there, a flood of false information was sent to journalists by e-mail and short messages …

Monaco has been popular with the Russian super-rich for decades and has long been known as “Moscow by the sea”: sun, beaches, tax exemption!

Photo: picture alliance / Mandoga Media

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Shimmering jet set scenery, shady luxury: the Monaco marinaPhoto: picture alliance / Mandoga Media

Albert has also long been said to be close to President Vladimir Putin (69) – shared pictures seem to prove this. Even the traditional soccer club AS Monaco is firmly in Russian hands with the oligarch Dmitri Rybolowlew (55).

In the meantime, however, the prince is trying to renovate the reputation of his miniature state! Instead of a tax paradise for financial free spirits, Monaco should become a start-up magnet, environmentally friendly and clean – in every respect.

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Is a Kremlin plot now killing the image makeover?

A fear that Prince Albert has to face in addition to worries about his Charlène …


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