“Too much television space” at the news of the death of Prince Philip. The BBC is literally inundated with complaints from furious listeners. The British public broadcaster, after the announcement made yesterday morning by Buckingham Palace, has interrupted normal programming on its two television channels and on the ‘all news’ channel, broadcasting only specials on the Queen’s wife.

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However, not making the accounts with so many listeners who have seen their favorite programs canceled, starting from the highly anticipated final of Masterchef: “Dear BBC, you owe me two days of canon”, wrote one of the angry listeners. In fact, with an all-British phlegm, in the face of the rain of complaints, the historic broadcaster has created a special space on its site for “complaints”.

“Please enter your email address to register your complaint, we will send you the BBC’s reply as soon as possible”, is the broadcaster’s exhortation to angry listeners. Who did not back down.

Some have written that such coverage of the royal family is “something one can expect in North Korea” not in Britain. Criticism has also spread on social networks – reports Indy100, a site linked to the Independent – with a user who writes: “Dear BBC, the death of Prince Philip is not the great news you think it is, it’s not 9/11 , it’s not Brexit, it’s not Northern Ireland. An elderly person has died, calm down and get some perspective. “

There is no shortage of references to Covid: “The BBC has talked more about the death of one person than about the death of 150 thousand people, a country that is completely upside down”.

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