Prior to ENARM 2023, this is how the application of ENARE was experienced

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2023-09-25 01:10:51

The ENARE took place at the Puebla Exhibition and Convention Center.
The evaluation consisted of 200 items structured in clinical case format.
The electronic devices with the exams were under the protection of 30 elements of the Sedena.

This Saturday, September 23, the XLVII edition of the National Examination of Applicants for Stomatology Residencies (ENARE)to which 707 stomatologists and general stomatologists registered who aspire to occupy a position to perform one of the three stomatological specialties: maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry and dental prosthetics.

What does it consist of?

In it ENARE Knowledge of the clinical area, basic sciences, public health and understanding of dental clinical cases is explored; It is made up of 200 items structured in clinical case format, of which 20 are in English.

He ENARE It was applied at the Puebla Exhibition and Convention Center from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The stomatologists followed the instructions of the members of the Coordination and Logistics Group (GCL), who were duly identified. Companions or family members were not allowed access to the interior of the headquarters.

ENARM 2023: These would be the minimum scores requested for each specialty

The applicants who required support due to disability or illness conditions received the facilities of the Coordination and Logistics Group (GCL) staff at the time of their admission, who provided support during the registration process and access to the venue. The candidates were warned that those who left the headquarters for any reason would not be able to re-enter the area where the exam was administered.

Instructions for administering the exam

The supporting stomatologists had to present the admission and registration form at the headquarters and their current official identification. They orderly went to the service module where they were told that those who did not have the documents indicated for their registration would not be able to take the exam.

The applicants complied with the established procedures in packaging, entry, registration, accommodation in the application room, score scanning, delivery of results and departure, following at all times the instructions of the GCL staff and the safe circulation routes indicated.

The electronic devices containing the exams were under the protection of 30 elements of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), from loading, encryption and transfer to the corresponding headquarters, until the day of their application.

ENARM 2023: How many versions of the exam were made?

The exam has double encryption, applied in the Comprehensive Evaluation Center of the Mexican Army and Air Force, in a maximum security environment that includes 24-hour surveillance throughout the entire process.

It will not be allowed to do the evaluation on another date or time in those cases in which the dentists and supporting dentists for various reasons did not come to the headquarters in the times assigned to perform the exam.

Applicants, prior to the exam, were able to verify the location, date and time in the module called “Check situation” in the official internet page in order to take the necessary precautions.

Likewise, the XLVII edition of National Examination of Medical Residencies (ENARM) It will be applied simultaneously from September 26 to 28 in five locations, located in León, Guanajuato (2); Puebla, Puebla (2); and Hermosillo, Sonora (1).

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