Prisoners in the Ulyanovsk region go on hunger strike to protest beatings

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The prosecutor’s office of the Ulyanovsk region began checking the information that took place on Wednesday in Telegram channels about the hunger strike of prisoners in IK-2, senior assistant to the prosecutor of the Ulyanovsk region Vasily Zima told Kommersant.

Information about the hunger strike appeared on the website “” on the evening of Tuesday, September 14. The message contains a video message from convict Dmitry Demirchev, in which he showed traces of beatings – large bruises and abrasions on the back and around the neck, stating that he was beaten by the head of the colony Nurzhigat Bikbau after during the conversation the prisoner “emotionally allowed himself to address him no misters””. According to Dmitry Demirchev, the head of the colony kicked him, threatening him with perverted rape and humiliation – transferring him to the caste of the so-called demoted. Dmitry Demirchev said that he was asking for help, did not know what to do next, and was very afraid for his life.

As noted by “”, Major of the Internal Service Nurzhigat Bikbau and earlier “widely practiced cruel methods in the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia in the Orenburg region,” from where he was transferred to Ulyanovsk. Also “” reported that in IK-2 more than 30 young prisoners “went on a hunger strike against torture” (an “incomplete list” of 27 names is given). The editors of the site also asked their questions to the Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia Anatoly Yakunin, “why the generals of the Federal Penitentiary Service, instead of stopping torture and rape, are promoting sadists prone to sodomy, perversion and violence.”

The regional department of the UFSIN “Kommersant” confirmed the fact of the hunger strike, however, noting that “12 prisoners have been on the hunger strike since September 13, who submitted written notifications about this, the prosecutor’s office was at the scene on Tuesday and Wednesday, the convicts are under the control of doctors.” At the same time, the UFSIN emphasized that “the information about the beating of a prisoner does not correspond to reality.” The prosecutor’s office did not confirm the fact of the beating, referring to the fact that “all information will be given only after the end of the check.”

Sergey Titov, Ulyanovsk


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