Prisoners released: Why Veerappan’s brother was not released? Ramadan question

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The Tamil Nadu government has offered to release 700 lifers on the occasion of scholar Anna’s birthday. Anna’s 113th birthday was celebrated last September 15th. In turn, on humanitarian grounds, the Chief Minister said that the government would release 700 life-sentenced prisoners in advance and that a government order to this effect would be issued soon. Stalin had announced.

In this context, the government issued a statement yesterday regarding the release of prisoners. It stated that prisoners other than those who had committed heinous crimes, including rape, terrorist offenses, crimes against the state, counterfeiting, religious violence, crimes against women, economic crimes, kidnapping and smuggling, would be released.

Bamaga founder Ramdas has questioned why Veerappan Annan did not release Madhayan in this situation. He said in his Twitter post-

The Tamil Nadu government has welcomed the release of 700 lifers on the occasion of scholar Anna’s birthday. But it is disappointing that Veerappan’s elder brother Madhayan, who has been in jail for 34 years, has not been released!

Madhayan did not commit any crime; He was arrested on false pretenses; Given only his life sentence, it is by no means fair for the Tamil Nadu government to come forward to release him even after 34 years in prison!

Madhayan, 74, has been ill for the past several years. The Chennai High Court has ordered that his release be considered. With that in mind Madhayan should be released immediately!
Thus said Ramadas.

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