“Prisons must be the beginning of a new life path”

Time.news – The prison system must be reformed. “There are thousands more inmates than there are beds. The penalties must re-educate. In Santa Maria Capua Vetere we register a defeat. I will support the proposals of Minister Cartabia“This was stated by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in his speech at the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, where there were episodes of violence against inmates.

“Coming to this place today means looking closely to begin to understand – said the prime minister – what we have seen in recent days has deeply shaken the consciences of Italians. The ongoing investigations will establish individual responsibilities. But collective responsibility belongs to a system that needs to be reformed. The government has no intention of forgetting. The proposals of the Minister Cartabia represent a first step that I support with conviction. There can be no justice where there is abuse. And there can be no re-education where there is abuse “.

“The Italian Constitution – says Draghi – establishes in Article 27 the principles that must guide the instrument of detention: ‘The penalties cannot consist in treatments contrary to the sense of humanity and must aim at the re-education of the condemned’. These principles must be accompanied by the protection of universal rights: the right to psychophysical integrity, education, work and health, just to name a few. These rights must always be protected, especially in a context that sees limitations to freedom. Detention must be recovery, rehabilitation. Prisons must be communities. And we must protect, in particular, the rights of the youngest and of the inmates. Prisons must be the beginning of a new life path. Italy, this government, want to accompany you “.

Draghi recalled that “Italy has been condemned twice by the European Court of Human Rights for prison overcrowding. There are almost three thousand more inmates than the beds available. There are about 450 in Campania institutions. The numbers are improving. , but in any case unacceptable. They hinder the path towards repentance and reintegration into social life, objectives repeatedly indicated by the Constitutional Court “.

In the “difficult context of prisons, many servants of the state work every day with a spirit of sacrifice and absolute dedication. The penitentiary police, in the vast majority, respect the prisoners, their uniforms, the institutions. The educators ensure the rehabilitation purposes. The cultural mediators assist inmates of foreign origin. Volunteers allow many of the reintegration activities. To you, and to your colleagues throughout Italy, goes the heartfelt thanks of the Government and my staff. Detention must be recovery, rehabilitation. Prisons must be communities. And we must protect, in particular, the rights of the youngest and of detained mothers “.



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