Privatizations, Israel and Bolsonaro: Milei’s first steps as president of Argentina

Privatizations, Israel and Bolsonaro: Milei’s first steps as president of Argentina

2023-11-21 04:00:04

Javier Milei speaks to supporters after winning the election Cristina Sille/Reuters – 19.11.2023 The ultra-liberal Javier Milei, from the LLA (La Libertad Avanza), took his first steps as elected president of Argentina after emerging victorious in the election on Sunday (19), with 55.75% of the electorate’s preference — the equivalent of 14.3 million votes. In the first hours as elected representative of the Latin American country, Milei reinforced campaign promises, informed that he will make two trips soon — to the United States and Israel — and invited former president Jair Bolsonaro to participate in the inauguration ceremony, to be held on December 10th. He also announced the names of eight new ministers and the extinction of ministries. In a series of interviews with radio stations, Milei stated that he has a “clear plan” to face the serious economic crisis that is plaguing Argentina, where inflation has reached 140% in 12 months and the poverty rate is at 40%. He reinforced that his priority is to “destroy” inflation and undertake a strong reform of the State, which will include privatizations and the closure of the Central Bank. Using these measures, he claims that he will be able to control inflation within 18 to 24 months. See also International North Korea defies warnings and announces it will launch a new spy satellite International Fattah 2: Iran reveals hypersonic missile that can evade radars and carry a nuclear warhead International Israel claims to have extracted important information from more than 300 terrorists imprisoned in Gaza ” Everything that can be in the hands of the private sector will remain in the hands of the private sector”, said Milei, adding that the oil company YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales) and state media outlets are among the companies to be privatized. “Let’s start first with reforming the State, putting public accounts into cash very quickly,” he continued. Milei also announced that, before taking office, he will take a trip to the United States and then go to Israel. The elected president, an ultraliberal on the economy, is politically and ideologically aligned with the State of Israel, governed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a conservative. • Click here and receive news from R7 on your WhatsApp • Share this news via WhatsApp • Share this news via Telegram • Subscribe to the R7 em Ponto newsletter The trip to the USA will have “a more spiritual connotation than other characteristics”, according to Milei, since he will go to Miami and New York to visit rabbi friends. Afterwards, he will leave directly for Israel, for a visit that “I was already talking about with the Israeli ambassador to Argentina.” Cabinet In his first hours as president-elect, Milei also previewed a little of what his cabinet might look like when he takes office in December. He announced criminal lawyer Mariano Cúneo Libarona as Minister of Justice, and Carolina Píparo as head of Anses (National Social Security Administration). According to ultraliberals, the organization of the national Executive will have only eight ministries. He has not yet announced who will be the Economy Minister. Read also Israel congratulates Milei on victory in Argentina and wants closer ties Milei’s megachallenge begins hours after he was elected president of Argentina Milei’s challenges in Argentina: economic shock without parliamentary majority “We are going to surprise with the team we are putting together. We are bringing together experts from various spaces, but with the conviction of changing Argentina towards the ideas of freedom. The most talented will stay there, no matter where they come from, what matters is solving the problems of Argentines”, he stated. According to Argentina’s National Electoral Chamber, 76% of the approximately 36 million voters eligible to vote went to the polls on Sunday — the lowest percentage of voter turnout in the 40 years since the return to democracy in 1983. In the first round of the elections, when there was also voting for deputies and senators, this rate was 77%.
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