Problems and dozens of calls to the Fire Department due to the strong winds

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Various problems were caused by the strong winds that blew today in various areas, with most reported in Macedonia. It is possible that the death of an 85-year-old woman in Pieria, who was crushed by a roof that collapsed in the yard of her house in Aeginio, was connected to the bad weather, while there was strong wind in the area.

In Thessaloniki, the strong winds also created a problem for the light panel of the main field of the Kavtanzoglio Stadium, which was rotating around its support pillar, due to the breakage of its immobilization pin, according to a statement from the Stadium’s administration.

The administration of Kavtanzoglio requested the assistance of the Fire Department and the Police, while the staff blocked off the area below and around the table, so that the rest of the stadium’s operation could continue normally. On these days, the exams for the admission of candidates to the military schools are held. No one was in danger from the incident and the issue was resolved immediately.

Due to the stormy winds, the safety tapes remain around the point of the pillar supporting the light panel until the final restoration and related safety inspection.

Earlier it was known that at least ten cars were damaged by the collapse of a wall of an abandoned building, located on Monastiriou street in western Thessaloniki. The wall, about 20 meters long, fell due to strong winds

A total of 94 calls were received from this morning (06.30) to 21.00 at night by the Operations Center of the Fire Brigade due to the occurrence of strong winds in areas of Greece. The calls mainly concerned tree felling and removal of objects.


• In the Region of Attica, the Operations Center of the Fire Department received 21 calls for cutting down trees and removing objects.

• In the Region of Central Macedonia, 52 calls for cutting down trees and removing objects.

• In the Region of Western Greece, 10 calls for tree cutting.

• In the Ionian Islands Region, 7 calls for cutting down trees and removing objects.

• In the Peloponnese Region, 4 calls for tree cutting.

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