Producer and director Samad Mankada shares his memories of Kalabhavan Mani Producer and director Samad Mankada shares his memories of Kalabhavan Mani

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Kalabhavan Mani is a star who can never be replaced through his acting style and songs. The hero, the villain and the supporting actor all won applause. Apart from Malayalam, it also made its presence felt in Tamil and Telugu.

The shock of Kalabhavan Mani’s death has not left the fans even today. Now producer and director Samad Mankada is sharing his memories of Mani. He opened his mind in an interview given to a YouTube channel. Let’s read those words in detail.

The loss of Kalabhavan Mani is a great loss. I had planned to do a film on Mani Chettan. He used to visit his house and give an advance.

But that project did not happen. A human lover like this. He was a person who valued relationships. My film was directed by Vayalar Madhavankutty. Manichetan was very busy. It went on and on. Then it didn’t happen.

Manichetan is a great man who speaks from his heart and acts with his heart. Speak from the heart. Even then we don’t feel artificial. No matter how big he reached, he never lost his humility. When evaluating Kalabhavan Mani, I understand that there was simplicity. There is always an atmosphere of music around him.

Kerala will never forget Kalabhavan Mani. His contribution, be it good or acting, is only so much. He is the person who popularized the art of folk song. Even today, his songs are chosen by children for college functions. Kalabhavan Mani cannot be forgotten as long as Malayalam Thanima exists.


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