PRODUCT MADNESS launches its mobile game incubator

PRODUCT MADNESS launches its mobile game incubator
Product Madness is proud to present Madness Venturesa unique project incubation program designed to support studios in developing and bringing to market free mobile games (free to play) based on chance. The objective of Product Madness with this global program is to encourage the creation of innovative games for mobile devices that draw the future of this type of games.

What makes this incubation program different from the rest is the level of support offered by Product Madness, a leading mobile game development company and responsible for successes of the caliber of Heart of Vegas, Cashman Casino y Lightning Link. In addition to the opportunity to obtain financing for each stage of the development of their projects, applicants who enter the program will have access to the company’s resources and will be able to connect with the most reputable talent in the industry, including experienced mentors, and providers of creative and commercial services and resources key to the success of your projects.

According to Zvika Pakula, Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, “Madness Ventures is the dream incubator for the most ambitious game developers whose idea of ​​mobile gaming is innovative and free, and designed around chance.”

“Product Madness’ unique approach to game development brings together the best in visual design, digital entertainment and marketing. With a catalog of global hit titles developed in-house, we are poised to support the next generation of game developers with our expertise. Our team’s passion for innovation and creativity is the key to Madness Ventures, and I think a program like this has never been seen before,” added Pakula.

Incubation phases of the Madness Ventures program

Phase 1 – Prototyping + testing. Financing of the first prototypes, tests of acquisition of new users and market tests.

Phase 2 – Complete prototype. After overcoming the challenges of the first phase, the financing of the complete prototype of the game begins.

Stage 3 – Strategic agreement – Full game development and worldwide distribution based on studio partnership terms.

Madness Ventures offers full creative independence to all developers and full ownership of the IP. And all this is also supported by the continuous support and guidance of its panel of expert mentors. The program aims to ensure that the most promising games have a chance at the biggest success through the innovative approach and creativity of Product Madness.

Product Madness has an unwavering commitment to responsible gaming, and all new games will have the support and trust of its seal, which guarantees its proper functioning and player enjoyment as its main premise.

Game Requirements:

Madness Ventures incubator is looking for developers or teams to submit early stage mobile game ideas. Games can be of any genre, but must meet the following requirements:

  • Games based on chance: the main game must be based on the probability of random results
  • innovators: Games must include innovative elements that can easily distinguish you from the competition.
  • Ambitious and scalable: games must have great appeal and commercial potential.

How to apply?

To be eligible for the program, each game developer must submit an application and a detailed submission based on a guided questionnaire.

Website Link:

The program is already underway since last August 9. The application acceptance process will be carried out through the website itself, and can be applied as long as the established terms and conditions are met. Upon acceptance into the Madness Ventures program, game development will begin with the first of three incubation stages. Each of these stages will be financed so that the team can focus exclusively on the development of the game.


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