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An Italian wine producer is planning to stop production of controversial wines under the ‘Hitler and Mussolini’ labels. Italy’s leading winemaker Andrea Lunardelli announced the decision after years of controversy and threats.

Known as ‘historic’ wines, these wines have been the focus of the market since 1995. Their brand name is ‘Weeny Lunardelli’. It has been announced that production of all wines in this range will cease from 2023. Wine bottles with pictures of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Francisco Franco and Heinrich Himmler are the highlight of Vinnie Lunardelli. It has fans all over the world.

Andrea Lunardelli said the decision to stop wine production was forced after years of controversy, complaints from Jewish groups, negative international media coverage and death threats. Wines bearing images of controversial leaders are legally sold in more than fifty outlets in Italy. They are mostly bought by foreign tourists. Of the 20,000 bottles of Lunardelli wines sold each year, an average of 12,000 bottles are of Hitler and 6,000 of Mussolini.

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