[ProEX Observation]Why is ProEX’s ios App not on the App Store?

[ProEX Observation]Why is ProEX’s ios App not on the App Store?

Some iPhone users may wonder why ProEX’s ios app is not listed on the App Store. After all, apps that can be released after Apple’s review usually have improved security, so it is inevitable to be worrying. I hope this article can help users who once had the same doubts as me can solve their doubts and let go of the big rock in their hearts.

What is TestFlight?

TestFlight is an application by Apple that helps developers distribute Beta software. Developers can use this application to send applications to up to 10,000 iPhone and iPad users, and Beta software does not need to pass the App Store review.

At present, the official website of ProEX provides the App download link, and ios needs to be downloaded and installed through TestFlight. It will cause some users to worry because some malicious people will use the TestFlight tool to send malicious software to unsuspecting users, and because they don’t need to be reviewed by Apple, they can put anything on the shelves.

Source: ProEX official website

Why is ProEX’s ios App not on the App Store?

There was an official ProEX app before, but a lot of pirated apps came out for a while. As a result, ios was pirated and put on the shelves first, and it was reported as fraud. For ProEX, the current overall market is in a bear market. The official would rather put the development funds in a place that is more effective for users, and let more people use it to have a higher transaction volume, so currently they are not focusing on the ios App. On the App Store.

The official team is currently using mobile phone web optimization to make the user experience better, and is still processing the process of putting it on the App Store, and may evaluate the rework. After all, Apple’s review is very strict, and it is all official considerations. So ProEX users who use iPhone, please wait patiently and give the official a little more time.

Source: Self-produced by Meme

What if you are still worried that the app is not safe?

If you are still worried that the app is not safe, you can use the web version first. Before the official TestFlight version was released, I also use the web version. As for the introduction of ProEX Exchange, you can refer to “ProEX Exchange Normal Withdrawal Sharing and Third-Party Inquiry Platform” “Stop saying that ProEX Exchange with dual licenses under MSB supervision is a fraudulent exchange”, let you know whether ProEX is a fraud or not Confused.

The official regularly publishes the monthly operation report

ProEX will publish monthly operating reports regularly, and you can refer to the latest monthly operating report for November.

ProEX rises in non-small ranking

Recently, I checked the ranking of ProEX in Feixiaohao, and found that it has risen again compared to before. The latest global ranking is 72, and the turnover has increased recently.

Source: Feixiaohao
Source: Feixiaohao

From the ranking trend in the figure below, we can see that ProEX is eating sugar cane, and the ranking is steadily rising, getting better and better.

For more detailed information, you can watch it on the Feixiao account https://www.feixiaohaozh.info/exchange/proex/

Source: Feixiaohao

Frog uses TestFlight’s ios App to share

At present, I have been using TestFlight for at least half a year, and there have been no security issues such as being stolen during the use process. Therefore, although I am using the ProEX App that is not on the App Store, I have forgotten it and use it as an official app.

ProEX App usage information

ProEX App download URL: https://www.proex.io/zh_CN/appDownload

iOS APP latest version download teaching: https://www.potatomedia.co/s/b0NkuF9E

Let’s register the fastest growing ProEX exchange in Asia!

Click “My Referral Code Link Registration”. If you want to use the app, you can refer to this tutorial, or this IG video. Just fill in your Email and password when registering. After registration, you can join the ProEX official Discord and Telegram Chinese groups, and there are often lucky draws and activities to participate in.

Source: ProEX App

ProEX also has a Line official account, if you have any questions, you can directly ask the line customer service. If you can’t use Line, it doesn’t matter. If you have any questions, you can refer to this article – Are you new to ProEX? Be sure to know the “Help Center”.

There are many fake websites on ProEX Exchange, please identify the official genuine website https://www.proex.io/zh_CN/.

For the introduction of ProEX exchange, you can refer to “Stop saying that ProEX exchange with dual licenses supervised by MSB is a fraudulent exchange” “ProEX exchange normal withdrawal sharing and third-party query platform”, although it is not the largest like Binance Exchange, but he will list many new coins that other exchanges do not have. If you are optimistic about new projects, you can evaluate them.

I am Little Frog, and I like to study all things in the blockchain. If you don’t know me yet, please read “Where is Little Frog (Self-introduction)”.

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