Proggy – music – psychomusical:

Proggy – music – psychomusical:

It’s hard to believe that another week has already passed. Do you still remember and listen to the songs from last week and already – lots and lots of new songs have arrived and this time? of the most famous and beloved artists of us (and you). We missed them and their music and how fun that Friday came and you can lie down and listen to them together. Welcome to join!

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Ran Denker – Everything I wanted to be

Anyone who follows Ran Danker on the networks must have noticed that last week there were posts with articles criticizing him and above them the caption – “I got a little addicted to everything they say”. These posts were part of the preparation for the new song – “Everything I wanted to be” which as usual like every song by Ran, left us in complete surprise. A song with a special message, a special groove, a special voice and one unique (and special) Ran Denkar. This is what Ran began to tell: “Over the years, I understand that my demons are also my strength, it’s impossible and I don’t want them to disappear either. I want to say, express, be free. To move in the world with all my complexities and not turn them off.” And that’s how he ended: “Take the freedom to be exactly what you want to be.”

In conclusion: our star

Toval Shapir – a piece of travel

We have to admit that this is probably the most exciting song on the list (and not just this week’s). This week Toval Shapir released “A piece of travel” and made us feel things that we haven’t felt in a long time… We always knew how much he had and how talented he was and it’s fun to see how he slowly breaks free and releases it to us as well. “Today I am releasing ‘A Piece of Travel’, which is simply my angle to a close and deep relationship that I had. I am happy and grateful for it, I learned a lot. Things can fall apart and hurt and still love, respect, and sensitivity will remain in them” – Toval.

In conclusion: we are so proud of him

Eden, an old man – a temporary thrill

Contrary to the title of her new song, our anticipation for new songs from the beloved singer Eden Ben Zaken is never defined as just a “temporary thrill”. After showing that she manages to touch the hearts of all of us with texts full of courage, innovative productions and songs that don’t get out of our heads, Ben Zaken decides to take the new song in the direction of the ballad and does not disappoint. Through the song, she gives the emotionally charged words their power through her chilling vocals and the strength of her voice, along with a melody that is seasoned with oriental sounds – which fully justifies her title as the singer of the decade.

In conclusion: we missed you

Nowruz – pepper

“If I had to define “Pepper” then it’s like Kobe Oz from Tipex and Pharrell Williams from the Neptunes had a child together and this child was adopted by Justin Timberlake. Happily “Pepper” is my baby and that of my co-creators” – says Norouz and what? There is no more accurate description. After so many hits that completely pissed us off, he releases another one that will undoubtedly become the new party song.

In conclusion: madness

Avi Aburomi & Mor – We are gone

This is the combination we didn’t know would happen, but we sure needed it – the successful singers Avi Aborumi and Mor united for a new song released this week called “We are not there anymore”. In the song they talk about a relationship that ended two years ago and from the point of view of both parties – the guy and the girl, who on paper convey business as usual, but the heart is still broken. The song presents a kind of accusation that the other continued as usual and exposes us to the real feelings that stand behind the pictures of the trip, or the unsuccessful dates that come after the breakup. Even when it comes to strong singers of the same style, they give the stage to each other and succeed with their amazing singing abilities to create together a song that will be remembered for a very long time.

In conclusion: we fell in love

Marina Maximilian – Moments

The one who also goes back in time is Marina Maximilian, who decides to look at her life from 20 years ago and focus on the neighborhood where she grew up. She talks about the journey and the insights in the new single “Moments” and presents a simpler time, in which nothing was missing, when children filled the playgrounds and did not agree at all. The single inspires a warm and authentic atmosphere not only from the exciting lyrics, but also from what is behind the scenes – indeed, her partner Guy Mantash (from the duo “Guy Vihal”) is responsible for the production of the song and in the last part of the song their children join as background voices – Litchi (6.5) and Dominic (3).

In conclusion: exciting

Michael Ben David – Put gas on

Since winning first place in the singing reality show “X Factor”, Michael Ben David hasn’t taken his foot off the gas even for a second – he represented us at Eurovision, scorched the Barbie stage in Tel Aviv and got a first acting role in the youth series “Flying on Anna” alongside Anna Zak. Alongside all these achievements, Ben David continued to release songs on the way to his debut EP, one of which is “Shim Gas” which was released this week. Using a catchy melody and simple words, he takes the usual heartbreak story and tells it from the point of view of the best friend of that girl who experienced the pain, making the song a celebration of empowerment and confidence in the scent of the eighties. This is how he says about the song: “‘Put on gas’ is a song of empowerment about all the nights we found ourselves crying and hurting over unrequited love, until the moment it’s enough and we decide to get up on our feet, celebrate ourselves and above all clean out of our lives everyone who caused us one moment of pain or insecurity”.

In conclusion: rhythmic and empowering!

Kobi Marimi – my father

“No matter what age, everyone is someone’s boy or girl. I wrote the new song about my grandfather from my mother’s point of view. I release the song in the hope that each and every one will take it to their personal place, to their home” – Kobi. The song “My Father” was composed and written by Kobi Marimi himself along with musical arrangement and production by Gal Joe Cohen and Eyal Yishai. We were happy to listen to him, both because of the special idea and because of the exciting performance.

In conclusion: penetrates the heart

Mia Suleiman – always a mess

After a crazy year in which she reached millions of listeners, the 18-year-old singer and creator Mia Soliman released “Timid Balagan”. The song talks about a relationship where the woman continues and fights for a relationship where she does not receive the same treatment back. After giving her all, she gives up, leaves and he goes with someone else. Really moving and sad… the melody and lyrics were written by Mia along with arrangement and musical production by Ron Itzhaki. Really special and also her beautiful voice.

In conclusion: stunning

Ofek Levy – What am I doing here?

A new song we got to hear this week is “What am I doing here” by Ofek Levy. Really light, fun and just right for today. It was written and composed by Ofek himself together with Tomer Hornung and Doron Elimelech who also arranged and produced music. This is a song in the pop-dance style that we are not exactly used to hearing in Israel – and it absolutely has a place! This is the third single from his debut album and we are waiting to hear more.

In conclusion: a champion and special!

Harel Lisman – Do not touch

For those who don’t know, the charming Harel Lisman is an actor, singer and dancer. Currently he is in “Rent”, “The End” and “Concert Bereshit” and now – working on a debut album. The exciting and special song “Don’t Touch” completely touched us (in a good way). Harel’s special and real voice and the pleasant music created a few beautiful minutes for us today. “The song talks about the moments when the heart puts its feet on itself. You want to get closer, but are still surrounded by your defenses. You need someone close to you, but find it difficult to give up the security of the distance. About this little dance you dance around yourself. Back and forth. “Don’t dive too deep Deep down, don’t touch the face, don’t touch me” – Harel.

In conclusion: the most beautiful there is

worth a listen

Bar Sabari – heart load

How fun it was for us to come across this special cover by Bar Sabri of Tuna’s song “Heavy Load”. He did it in his own color, in his own style and still – not far from the original. We totally got into it and loved it very much.


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