Project “Rotas das Culturas” provides 35 vacancies for Ciranda de Saberes Artísticos e Culturais da Lusofonia

Project “Rotas das Culturas” provides 35 vacancies for Ciranda de Saberes Artísticos e Culturais da Lusofonia

Next Wednesday (22nd), the Project “Routes of Cultures” will take students from the University of International Integration of Afro-Brazilian Lusofonia (Unilab) to the Ciranda of Artistic and Cultural Knowledge of Lusofonia, whose edition will be at the Public Library of State of Ceará, in Fortaleza.

Unilab will provide a bus for the transfer of students interested in participating in the visitation in Fortaleza/CE. The transport will leave Campus da Liberdade, in Redenção/CE, at 1:30 pm, with stops in Acarape and return scheduled for 6:00 pm. 35 places are available which will be completed in order of registration on the registration form. To secure your place and live this artistic experience, fill out the form.

The Ciranda de Saberes Artísticos e Culturais da Lusofonia is a project by Unilab students, contemplated in the Public Notice Ceará of Citizenship and Cultural Diversity – Artistic and Creative Territories of Peripheries of Ceará.

The objective is to promote artistic and cultural diversity through the participation of Afro-Ceará, peripheral and Luso-African groups and artists, enabling cultural exchange between Brazil and countries in Portuguese-speaking Africa, providing visibility to artists, valuing their productions based on their realities, contexts, feelings and issues important to these bodies.

In this way, conversation circles have been organized at Bece in the form of cirandas that will bring a cycle of debates, artistic presentations and countless reflections on youth and their emergence through literature, music, dance and their performances within the perspective of acquisition of cultural, epistemological and symbolic baggage. Cirandas emerge as a tool for a constant search for knowledge and experiences that only immersion in new territories can provide our identities.

“We believe that creative artistic territories are diverse, therefore creating a space to promote artistic and cultural diversity between Afro-Ceará artists specifically and in general to Brazilians with African artists from Lusophony in the artistic cultural exchange modality will be the way to enable the valorization of subalternized productions of these artists and also to bring to visibility this cultural artistic diversity that is so rich in our society”, say the organizers.

Project “Routes of Cultures”

“Rotas das Culturas” is a project coordinated by the server Nixon Araújo which, in addition to visits, has interventions, productions and versions based on contact with experiences and also cultural experiences in various artistic and cultural languages. In addition, it promotes visits to art exhibitions, quilombola villages, among others, aiming at the production of rereadings and versions through photos, collages, paintings, videos and poetry.


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