«Promises», the meeting with Pharoah Sanders who produces beauty

twelve o’clock, April 4, 2021 – 6:26 pm

music that seems to unfold on a suspended time, vaguely hallucinated Like the John Cage of In a Landscape or the Brian Eno of Discreet Music

of Fabrizio Versienti

QWhen he was a young free jazz lion in the 1960s, his saxophone roared. Today, 80 years old, Pharoah Sanders whispers, rarely ripples the sound stream, more than anything else she prays in a sort of mystical recollection. But one thing his tenor sax has kept the same compared to then: a radiant and ecstatic sound that communicates a sort of physical well-being, happiness of the senses and of the mind. In this album titled Promises, a nine-movement suite (flowing seamlessly into each other) for sax, electronics and symphony orchestra, the flow of music transports you rapaciously. Sam Shepherd, aka Floating Points, 34-year-old British producer among the protagonists of contemporary electronics, built it around Sanders with great skill. The two discovered and appreciated each other; deus ex machina of the meeting was David Byrne, who publishes now Promises with his own label, Luaka Bop. music that seems to unfold over a suspended time, vaguely hallucinated. Like the John Cage of In a Landscape or the Brian Eno of Discreet Music, Shepherd focuses on repetition. In this case, a rapid cascade of notes produced by the keyboards in silence, a riff that repeating itself becomes a structural element around which the music is organized: the electronics, the Sanders sax, the instruments of the London Symphony Orchestra, third pole of the disc. . As he had already done on the previous album Crush, Shepherd writes for classical strings and wind instruments using their individual voices well. And the music proceeds in waves, swelling and then breaking into recurring, abrupt falls. Impossible to resist it.

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April 4, 2021 | 18:26

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