“Promotion is a good opportunity to gain visibility”

“Promotion is a good opportunity to gain visibility”

2023-05-26 08:02:50

A neighborhood team from Donostia promises to give war next year in Third RFEF. Two weeks ago Añorga achieved his biggest milestone in the men’s structure. The women’s team has been absolute champion of the League and Cup three times in the 90s.

This centennial club will play next season in the fifth category of state football. He will do so after having secured the second position in the Regional Honor Division. The Añorgatarras have taken advantage of the fact that Eibar B, first classified, cannot rise as Vitoria is already in the Third Division – it belongs to the same entity – to achieve this unprecedented success.

Eneko Ferradas is the coach and acknowledges that the objective this season was to achieve permanence with ease after last season they did so with four games to go. “We started the season very well, we didn’t lose in the first 6 days and we placed ourselves at the top of the table,” he says.

Until Easter they did not believe that the objective of the promotion could be real. “We got to 6 points behind Eibar, who was leading, but we saw that they couldn’t go up depending on what Vitoria did.” In the absence of 3 days they already knew that the second place had the prize of promotion.

The people from San Sebastian held off against Oiartzun and Hernani for that second place and finally became runners-up two weeks ago. “I was going to retire, but they convinced me to continue for another year,” reveals Ander Erauntzetamurgil, the team’s captain and goalkeeper, smiling, who is “very excited to be promoted with the usual team.”

Ferradas is clear that in the Third Division “the demand will be greater”, but he is confident that “promotion is a good opportunity to gain visibility.” Añorga says goodbye today (8:15 p.m.) to the season in Rezola against Begara. In a few months it will be Third.

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