“Protect me from what? From whom? »: Jenni Hermoso denounces the strategy of the Spanish football federation

“Protect me from what?  From whom?  »: Jenni Hermoso denounces the strategy of the Spanish football federation

2023-09-19 10:39:41

The forced kiss affair continues to make waves in Spanish football. Jenni Hermoso, who was the victim of a forced kiss from the president of the federation Luis Rubiales after the victory in the World Cup final in Australia, accuses the Iberian governing bodies of intimidating her teammates by summoning them against their will.

Indeed, despite the appointment of a new national coach (Montse Tomé, who they accuse of having been part of the former staff of La Roja), 15 internationals have chosen to go on strike while the looming two Nations League matches (September 22 against Sweden and 26 against Switzerland) and that the selection must meet this Tuesday in Madrid.

They refuse to wear the national jersey until a complete overhaul of their federation takes place. “The players are very clear that this is another divisive and manipulative strategy to intimidate us and threaten us with legal repercussions and economic sanctions,” Hermoso said in a statement posted on social media. I would like to express all my support to my teammates who, today, were surprised and forced to react to a new unfortunate situation caused by the people who continue to make decisions within the Federation today. »

Risk of heavy fines and suspension

The young woman, who plays in the Mexican championship, was not summoned to “protect” her. “Protect me from what? From whom?, she continues. For weeks, even months, we sought protection from the RFEF (Spanish federation) which never came. The people who are asking us today to trust them are the same people who published a list with players who had asked not to be called. »

If the players do not come to the gathering in the Spanish capital, they risk heavy fines (3,000 to 30,000 euros) and two to fifteen years of suspension of their license from the federation. “If they don’t come forward, the government will do what it has to do, which is enforce the law. To my great regret and misfortune. But the law is the law. I remain convinced that there can be a solution,” declared Victor Francos, president of the Superior Sports Council, on Cadena Ser.

Francos plans to speak with players. “We will do what is necessary to regularize the situation with the Federation, but we ask them to go to these matches,” he continued. We want them to be Olympic champions. This is not a minor issue, as these are the best. We want them to win. »

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