Protect Yourself from HPV: Expert Jael Bosmann Gives MeinMed Lecture in Mistelbach Town Hall

Protect Yourself from HPV: Expert Jael Bosmann Gives MeinMed Lecture in Mistelbach Town Hall

2023-06-11 00:00:00

MeinMed lecture in the Mistelbach town hall: How to protect yourself

MISTELBACH. In her MeinMed lecture in the town hall of Mistelbach, the gynecologist Jael Bosmann from Mistelbach appealed for more precaution and mindfulness when it comes to an infection with HPV. Cooperation partner was the Austrian Health Insurance Fund. These are human papilloma viruses that are transmitted during sexual intercourse and can subsequently cause cancer. The vaccination provides lifelong protection and is available free of charge for young people up to the age of 21.

4 out of 5 people become infected with HPV in the course of their lives, with every 10th person affected, the virus remains in the tissue and can trigger genital warts, head and neck tumors or cervical cancer. Both men and women can be infected without even knowing it. Because an infection with HPV often goes unnoticed at first because it does not cause any symptoms. Even condoms do not reliably protect against HPV infection.

Vaccination, Pap smear, HPV screening

“But there are ways to prevent infection,” said Jael Bosmann in her presentation. Women can protect themselves through regular cancer screening tests (PAP smear) in combination with HPV screening at the gynaecologist. In addition, the HPV vaccination is available for men and women from the age of 9, which offers very good protection against the most common HP viruses. Studies from countries with high vaccination rates show that the number of patients with cervical cancer is falling significantly. “Austria is one of the few countries that has always recommended this vaccination for everyone, because an HPV infection can also cause cancer in men,” says the MeinMed expert. A survived HPV infection does not protect against re-infection.
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