Protection of linguistic minorities on radio and TV, ok by the Valle Council

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The Aosta Valley assembly approved a motion for an ad hoc convention for the Aosta Valley

AOSTA. The regional council unanimously approved a motion on the protection of linguistic minorities in public service broadcasting spaces.

The text, drawn up by the regional assembly’s bureau, commits the regional council to initiate “appropriate institutional discussions with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, in particular with the Information and Publishing Department, aimed at the proposal to prepare a new ad hoc agreement for the Valle d’Aosta Region “. The objective is to provide “an adequate number of hours for the protection of linguistic minorities in its broadest sense, encouraging the use of new technologies, as well as the self-production of quality radio and television broadcasts”.

The approved motion also provides for the specific support of a working group made up of the Regional Council, the Region and Corecom which will report on the outcome of the institutional discussions.

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