Protest Demanding Speedy Investigation into Koda Nadu Murder and Robbery Case

Protest Demanding Speedy Investigation into Koda Nadu Murder and Robbery Case

Prominent Politician Demands Swift Action in Kodanad Murder and Robbery Case

Former Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam led a protest demonstration in Theni on Tuesday, along with AAM MUK General Secretary DTV Dhinakaran, demanding a speedy investigation and justice in the infamous Kodanad murder and robbery case. The case, which has been ongoing for over 30 months, has raised concerns about the slow pace of justice in the state.

During the demonstration, Panneerselvam highlighted that Chief Minister Stalin had promised during the elections that within three months of coming to power, the culprits involved in the murder and robbery cases in Kodanadu would be given due punishment. However, these promises have yet to be fulfilled, leading to frustration among the public.

The Kodanad murder and robbery case involves the killing of a watchman, Om Bahadur, and the subsequent serious injury of another watchman named Krishna Bahadur. The alleged criminals also targeted late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s car driver, Kanagaraj, who was killed, as well as Kanagaraj’s wife and child, who were killed in a separate accident involving a lorry driven by the accused Sayan.

Furthermore, a computer operator was also found murdered at the Kodanad bungalow, adding to the gravity of the case. Panneerselvam emphasized that the demonstration aimed to bring attention to the urgent need for justice and punishment for the culprits.

The slow progress in the investigation and trial has prompted widespread condemnation and raised questions about the effectiveness of the current government in ensuring justice for the victims and their families. Participants in the demonstration called for a swift and thorough investigation, as well as the immediate punishment of those responsible.

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It is important to note that this protest in Theni is not an isolated event but part of a series of demonstrations across Tamil Nadu, reflecting the collective concern and demand for justice in the Kodanad murder and robbery case.

As the case continues to languish in the judicial system, the public waits anxiously for Chief Minister Stalin and his government to fulfill their promises and ensure that the culprits face the consequences of their actions. The demands for justice in this high-profile case grow louder each day, putting pressure on the authorities to act swiftly and decisively.


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