Protest in Madurai Kappalur regarding toll Customs duty | Madurai Kappalur Customs Condemnation: Siege with vehicles

At the Kappalur toll plaza, there is a toll exemption for local vehicles and a collection of tolls from motorists.
More than 1000 vehicles are protesting in the area condemning the Madurai Kappalur toll plaza.

The incident has caused a great stir as more than 1000 people were involved in a stampede at the Kappalur customs post as they were involved in toll collection from motorists despite the toll exemption for local vehicles.

Kappalur Toll Gate near Thirumangalam has been operating for the last 12 years. Local vehicles were exempted from using the service road here and motorists were often involved in protests as tolls were levied on local vehicles at the Kappalur toll plaza in the Thirumangalam Nagar area. Thus the toll collection exemption for local vehicles was granted by order of the High Court.

Vehicles passing through Rajapalayam D. Kallupatti were exempted from using the toll booth only one kilometer away. He had also held talks with the district collector for the last 20 days and ordered that no charges be levied on the people of Thirumangalam constituency.

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But for the last two days, there has been a lot of voting as the customs staff have been collecting tolls for vehicles in the D.Kallupatti area. In this situation, the owners of D.Kallupatti rental vehicles, the public, the owners of rental vehicles and lorries in the area are engaged in a series of blockade protests at the customs today. They also got into an argument with the customs staff.

According to locals, the toll plaza is located two kilometers from the Thirumangalam area.

The siege struggle has been going on for the last 2 hours. More vehicles are lined up two kilometers away.

Thirumangalam Kottatsiyar Anita, who arrived at the scene, assured the protesters that the issue would be resolved soon.

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