Protest of her late godfather: Blood and an inverted car

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Crowds demonstrate at this time (Sunday) at the entrance to the city of Jerusalem, near the String Bridge, in protest of the death of the hill boy Ahuvia Godfather XIV, during a police chase, and a demand to investigate his death.

Today, it is the third week of the protest of the youth of the hills, demanding to open an investigation into the death of her loved ones. The protest took place today, when the entrance to Jerusalem was blocked, through a display of an inverted vehicle with blood. The entrance to the capital was blocked for more than 20 minutes.

As stated as part of the performance, the demonstrators blocked the entrance to Jerusalem with an inverted vehicle. Under the car, the protesters put a doll that simulates the body of her late lover who was under the car, and around the car they poured red paint to simulate his blood. The protesters “The protesters also called for the closure of the Shai square.

“It is important for us to illustrate to the public how the tragic death of her loved ones happened,” says one of the protesters at the scene: “We also call here tonight, that this is a difficult evening after another murderous attack, to do justice and to prosecute the police, everything must be done so that such a case does not happen again,” he added.

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The Israel Police stated: “Police and Border Police forces are currently operating near the String Bridge at the entrance to the city of Jerusalem, following a protest taking place there. Recently, the main entrance and exit to the city of Jerusalem were blocked. “A police officer called on the protesters to stop blocking the axis and stop violating public order before carrying out enforcement and using means to disperse disturbances.”

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“Police forces are working to direct drivers to alternative routes. The Israel Police will continue to allow freedom of protest within the limits of the law, but will not allow a violation of public order in violation of the law.”

It should be noted that last Thursday a protest reached Zion Square in Jerusalem, when the demonstrators blocked the light rail traffic. פרשים של המשטרה החלו לפזר את המפגינים על מנת לאפשר את תנועת הרכבת, ובהמשך החלו לעצור את המפגינים.

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