It is the end of the truce, the fuse that can light the stake. Because the analyzes of public order specialists do not outline a single direction behind the protest that crosses Italy, but fear strong fears for what will happen soon. What if they spot moles now extremist groups those who blow on the fire of social unease, for a not too distant future, do not exclude the possibility that apparently distant interests will settle precisely to create disorder by fomenting confrontation. The signs are not reassuring. Apparently unrelated episodes risk becoming pieces of athe only strategy that aims to collapse. Or maybe something even more disturbing. There are threats and bullets to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and to the governor of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini who arrived in the last few days. But there is also the fire in the door of the Higher Institute of Health in Rome on March 17, the bomb launched four days ago against the vaccination center in Brescia. Acts of violence that risk escalating. That’s why the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese, after having “expressed solidarity with the injured policeman in Rome”, he wanted to underline “the evident discomfort of the most affected economic categories from the serious crisis triggered by the pandemic which deserves the due attention of the government ”.

The extremists

Restaurateurs, street vendors, shopkeepers, bartenders, owners of sports centers, merchants: there is a long list of workers who have been dealing with the closure of businesses for months. But even longer is that of those who will not be able to reopen. On this button they beat the formations that aim to keep the level of the clash high.
Just scroll through the images of the events to see the militants of Casa Pound a Roma and the antagonists a Torino, but also to remember how already in October a Naples it’s at Palermo it was the clans that fomented the processions and sit-ins. Or to underline how some internet sites can be traced back to anarchist formations praised the attack on the headquarters of the Higher Institute of Health. It is not a signature, but a strong sharing, a message that encourages us to move forward on this path of rebellion, even if it is violent.

The strategy

In the circulars and provisions sent by the cabinet of the minister and by police chief Lamberto Giannini prefects and quaestors are always highlighted the need to respond proportionately to attacks, not to intervene until the situation becomes dangerous, to give space to those who are moved by desperation for the work that is missing. But there is also an indication to react firmly to infiltration attempts to stir up the crowd, just as happened yesterday in Rome.
It is a difficult balance to achieve, yet indispensable to avoid the worst. They are “the great professionalism, balance and a sense of responsibilityWhich Minister Lamorgese acknowledged “to all our police forces that are operating”.

The appeal

The primary objective remains to divide the part of the workers who protest for evident damage from those who instead try to transform discontent into revolt. “It cannot be accepted that, in such a difficult phase for the country in which the maximum effort of cohesion and mutual solidarity is required, the reasons for the protest result in provoking behaviors further tensions and discomforts, as in the case of the road block in Caserta, indiscriminately hitting citizens equally tried by the crisis caused by Covid-19 », warns Lamorgese.
A strong appeal could also come from the government to all those – politicians and public figures – who seek consensus by mixing or even guiding those who take to the streets, fomenting fears and discomfort, but also riding on the daring theses of those who argue that Covid is an invention and that restrictions are injustice and abuse. And thus overshadowing the claims of those who instead defend the right to work.

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