Provided by the Government of Sri Lanka to a Chinese company

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China continues to dominate Sri Lanka’s development of various infrastructure projects

Record: November 24, 2021 21:44


The Chinese company has won the contract to expand the Eastern Container Terminal of the Colombo Port.

At present, China is dominating the development of various infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka .This has drawn strong criticism both domestically and internationally. There are also allegations that China is dragging Sri Lanka into debt.

The Sri Lankan government lent the port of Hambantota in 2017 to a Chinese company for 99 years on a $ 1.2 billion loan.

Following this, China Harbor Engineering Company has been awarded the contract to phase out the Eastern Container Terminal at the Port of Colombo.

The Cabinet approved the proposal submitted by the Minister of Shipping, selecting the Chinese company through auction, without specifying the value of the contract.

This has become the next controversy in Sri Lankan politics as President Gotabhaya Rajapakse’s administration has rejected a tripartite agreement with India and Japan before confirming the plan.

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