PS5 Last of Us Part1 Remake Finalized | Controversial Director Will Revise the Script Players Are Very Disturbed

PS5 Last of Us Part1 Remake Finale|The Last of Us Part 1 Remake says it will change the story Players are extremely uneasy Episode 2 has sold over 10 million Summer Game Fest|Summer Game Fest broadcast in the early morning of June 10 in Hong Kong has Many new games have been released, as well as new news and new films of previously announced works, etc., and the finale announcement of the night is that the first episode of Sony’s first factory game “The Last of Us” will be completely remade.

“The Last of Us” original PS5 remake will change the story, players are extremely disturbed

The first episode of “The Last of Us”, one of the most highly rated games in the entire game history, will be remade (Remake), titled “The Last of Us Part I”, which will fully include the original single-player Mode Story and its prequel DLC chapter “Forget it”. The official said that this remake will use PS5 as the benchmark to reproduce the experience that has touched countless players. While reproducing the original game, it will add a more modern way of playing, improve control and increase accessibility assistance, as well as a more immersive exploration and experience. fighting.

PS4 HD version and PS5 remake screen comparison

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That is, watching the remake of the first episode of The Last Survivor, saying that it will change the story, players are extremely uneasy, and the sales of episode 2 have exceeded 10 million:

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However, what is worrying is that game director Neil Druckman has publicly stated that the remake of the original “The Last Survivor” “will change the story.” Judging by the story and plot handling of “The Last Survivor 2”, most players Under the unacceptable dissatisfaction, it is really worrying to change the originally perfect first-generation Last Survivor by the same person.

The game is scheduled to launch on September 2, 2022, and only the PS5 version is not available for PS4. But it is worth mentioning that the PC version is also in development, but the release date of the PC version has not been determined.

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Deluxe Edition Bonus Content List

In addition to the remake of The Last Survivor, it was also announced that the multiplayer mode of “The Last Survivor 2” is under development, and it is scheduled to be launched as an independent work, that is, it is not necessary to own the “Last Survivor 2” body. can play. The original multiplayer mode of the first episode of “The Last Survivor” is also very good. Assuming that the multiplayer mode has no problems with the story and plot, you can look forward to it.

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Finally, it was officially announced that the cumulative sales of “The Last of Us Part 2” had exceeded 10 million copies; however, many players laughed at where the sales of this game came from, claiming that it was only 4 million on the 3rd and it has only been two years since its launch. 10 million, whether various bundled sales such as the sales of “The Last Survivor 2” + PS5 bundled version are also included, etc.

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