PS5 lottery failed | Kyty PS5/PS4 simulator suspected test film appeared on YouTube

Kyty PS5 Emulator|PS5 has been launched for nearly two years. According to a survey, 75% of players still can’t buy PS5 consoles. It is really discouraging that the lottery will be Better Luck next time! Recently, there was a short video on YouTube, which may be good news for potential buyers of PS5! A PS5/PS4 emulator called “Kyty” appears!

YouTube releases “Kyty”: suspected PS4/PS5 simulator running video

The foreign development team InoriRus recently published an emulator tool called “Kyty” on the GitHub website, claiming that the software is “PS4 & PS5 emulator” (PS4, PS5 emulator), and the team released a video on YouTube. The content is Demonstrated this “Kyty” emulator, which claims to be able to run PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games, and ran a game. They said that when the software is complete, it will be open to the public for free download! Then you don’t have to buy a PS5 console anymore!

Screenshot of “Kyty” suspected PS4/PS5 simulator running video

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Screenshot of the trial process

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Ten strokes without a stroke

However, the development team said that the graphics display of the PS5 mode has not yet been completed. At present, the simulator can only run PS4 games. In the film, the PS4 version of “Worms WMD” is tried out with Kyty. This 2D plane action game is still normal in the menu screen. , but when entering the game, the character jumping has serious problems, such as serious freeze, low frame number, display error, etc., and later it was changed to be reset, not to mention that the team has not completed the sound output/input, MP4 broadcast, Internet Road connection, multiplayer play and other functions.

Screenshot of “Kyty” suspected PS4/PS5 simulator running video

So, don’t imagine that it can be used instead of PS5. It is also impractical to use it as a PS4 host. Will the Kyty be developed first, or will the PS5 host increase production and supply in large quantities?

Note that the emulator itself is not a copy or infringing software. Players need to prepare genuine PS4/PS5 game discs to make files for the emulator to run. The HK01 “Technology Toys” channel does not encourage the use of very ISO to play games.

Secondary damage! PS5 will have a strong lineup of Street Fighter 6, Biochemical 4, PSVR2?

The console can’t be bought, PS5/PS4 emulator, but PS5 will hold a new online conference soon, rumored to have a super strong lineup! For example, Street Fighter 6, “Stry”, Square Enix’s new IP action game “Forspoken”, the Korean-developed action game “Project Eve”, and even PSVR2 second-generation virtual reality goggles! It’s really a secondary injury to the members who can’t buy the F5 waving area.

That is, after the release of State of Play, the blockbuster game lineup of Street Fighter 6 and Biochemical 4, PSVR2, was officially unveiled:

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