PSG champion of France for the 10th time

PSG champion of France for the 10th time

2023-06-03 04:27:18

Ninth heaven for PSG Handball, champion again. Jonathan Rebboah / PANORAMIC

By beating Nantes on Friday (35-32) on the penultimate day of the championship, PSG hand won the 10th title in its history, the 9th in a row.

Paris SG won the tenth league title in its history, and its ninth consecutive, after its victory against Nantes (35-32), Friday during the penultimate day after a tense match until at the end. The Parisians (52 pts), also crowned in 2013, cannot be joined by the Nantes (48 pts) and Montpellier (48 pts, one match less but ahead of the particular difference). “It’s the culmination of an exhausting season, it’s the most difficult title since I’ve been here. This last match was like every meeting, we had to draw on resourcessaid Luka Karabatic.

The captain and his teammates can devote themselves fully to the Final Four of the Champions League, in two weeks in Cologne, where they will aim for a first continental crown. They now have ten in France after their success at Coubertin, pushed by ultras from football. Who belched, like the whole room, when Andreas Palicka, entered the goal at half-time (6 saves on 23 shots), stopped a penalty from Nantes captain Valero Rivera on an equalizing ball from the “H” ( 32-31) 2 min 15 sec from the end.

In the process, the Latvian giant Dainis Kristopans (7 goals out of 8 attempts), the man at the end of the match with the Swedish international goalkeeper, gave PSG a two-step lead (33-31). Nantes’ chances of winning the first league title in its history, which went through a success by two goals or one goal but scoring at least 34, were definitely gone 1 min 10 sec from the siren when Kauldi Ordiozola left his teammates, then back to a length (33-32), one less until the end of the match after a foul. “Hot, I feel a slight imbalance in the penalties for 2 minutes. But I can’t be sure, I have to watch the match again quietly“said Nantes coach Grégory Cojean.


His players battled to the end after recovering in five minutes after returning from the locker room, in particular thanks to a timely change of goalkeeper (Viktor Hallgrimsson, author of 7 saves on 28 shots, in place of Ivan Pesic), the three goals down conceded at half-time (16-19).

The house party for PSG handball. Jonathan Rebboah / PANORAMIC

Paris remains the boss at home after a season where its national supremacy has never been so contested, by Montpellier in addition to the “H”, a year after being crowned after 30 victories in as many days, a first. And after losing last summer two of its best players, Mikkel Hansen and Nedim Remili (in addition to Benoît Kounkoud), and being deprived for more than half of the season of Nikola Karabatic, injured since the beginning of the year and whose season ended.


Author of a false start in September with a defeat in the Champions Trophy (against… Nantes) then in Toulouse (35-27) from the 3rd day, handicapped by several injuries during the season (Kristopans, Syprzak, Luka Karabatic, Mathé), PSG, its coach Raul Gonzalez in the lead, has shown resilience to remain master in France. Especially at the very end of 2022 when, after a narrow defeat in Montpellier (31-30), he reacted four days later by winning a crucial victory in Nantes (33-32), which weighs heavily in the final balance sheet. .

Paris will then only experience defeat in the league once, in Chambéry at the start of March (34-33), and will take advantage of the missteps of Montpellier (in Nantes) and Nantes (against Toulouse) to regain control on April 25 by inflicting , already at Coubertin, a lesson to the Héraultais (38-23). A little over a month later, he struggled a lot more to win, but got the desired Grail.

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