PSU reveals research results of COVID patients with pneumonia 7 times the risk of developing tuberculosis

PSU reveals research results of COVID patients with pneumonia  7 times the risk of developing tuberculosis

Thursday, February 9, 2023, 6:00 a.m.

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Dr. Polkrit Khamwicha, lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology Faculty of Medicine, Prince of Songkla University (PSU) revealed that he and Professor Dr. Weerasak Chongsuwiwatwong Chair of the Program in Epidemiology joint research projects “In areas where there is an outbreak of tuberculosis COVID-19 pneumonia patients are at risk of pulmonary tuberculosis”, supported by research data from the National Health Security Office (NHSO) and research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA. The results of this research revealed that patients infected with COVID-19 and have symptoms of pneumonia, the risk of tuberculosis is as high as 7 times that of normal people

Outcomes of the TB risk study of COVID-19 patients The research team began collecting follow-up data on tuberculosis drug intake in Health Area 12 in seven southern provinces, namely Trang, Phatthalung, Satun, Songkhla, Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala. Be a volunteer for every case This comes from the majority of TB patients having a history of inpatient treatment for COVID-19, which is basically about 1 in 3 Thai people who are infected with TB but do not have any symptoms. And not infecting others, it is called latent tuberculosis. and when the registration data of COVID-19 patients and tuberculosis patients were retrospectively studied. To compare the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis among patients with COVID-19 pneumonia. discharged from the hospital and the incidence of pulmonary tuberculosis in the general population who are not infected with COVID-19 From follow-up data on all patients for at least 6 months, it was found that patients with pneumonia caused by COVID-19 After receiving good treatment and leaving the hospital are at greater risk of pulmonary tuberculosis than the general population

PSU’s study on the risk of tuberculosis in COVID-19 patients was published in the Journal of Public Health. medical journal eClinicalMedicine The research also reflects that Thailand is still an area with an outbreak of tuberculosis. Even today it is an infectious disease that is not often found. Because normal people’s immunity can control tuberculosis from causing disease. This led to indications that COVID-19 could weaken the immune system of infected people. from fatigue of the immune response to COVID-19 especially in cases with pneumonia This makes people more vulnerable to tuberculosis than the general population.


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