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Experts advised to start preparing for the work week three to four days before it starts. Returning to a normal daily routine and refusing to eat heavy holiday food will help you get used to workdays faster, psychologists interviewed by RBC explained.

“If our holidays weren’t even happy for us, then our brain tends to exaggerate the reality about our daily life. And therefore disproportionately emphasizes that on holidays we feel good, but in routine, during working hours, anxiety rises, and, accordingly, depression occurs, “psychologist Lena Feigin explained in a conversation with RBC.

To cope with this problem, she first of all advises to get enough sleep, exercise regularly and eat right. It is also necessary to communicate more often with loved ones, as this is extremely important for mental health.

“Now that the holiday parties are over and the calendar becomes more empty in terms of activity, it can, of course, look depressing. Therefore, it is necessary to plan some social events so that there is something to strive for and think that now we are already meeting with friends, ”explained Feigin.

Clinical psychologist Natalya Fedyna also recommends restoring sleep patterns and giving up fatty foods: “It is better to go to bed before 23:00 and wake up no later than 7:00. The first day may be difficult, but the second will be easier. It is worth paying attention to nutrition. Remove fatty, fried, smoked from the diet as much as possible. Reduce the amount of food and improve its quality, ”the expert recommended. Regular exercise, especially outdoors, will also be helpful.


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