Public act in his memory and in the fight for justice

Public act in his memory and in the fight for justice
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This Tuesday, March 14, 2023, marks five years — that is, 60 months and 1,825 days — without Marielle and Anderson. In response to the parsimonious pace of the investigations, Amnesty International Brazil holds an act of denunciation: “A rosary of injustices that has lasted five years” in the Mauá square in Rio de Janeiro, which will last from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon. Your goal is demand justice and the resolution of the case of the execution of this human rights defender and her driver. To keep the memory of the victims and the demand for answers alive, a panel 8 meters long and 2.5 meters high will be installed in the form of a timeline in which this five-year milestone will be reflected. In addition, there is already an online petition in progress at the website of Amnesty International Braziland the federal government of Luís Inácio Lula da Silva, the state government of Cláudio Castro, and the Public Ministry are being pressured to dedicate all possible resources and efforts to promptly carry out impartial, transparent, and effective investigations.

It is a rosary of injustices and unanswered questions that has lasted for five years. Amnesty International will join the world in remembering and calling for justice and compensation for Marielle and Anderson and their families. Over the last five years, 6 police chiefs, 11 prosecutors, 4 police secretaries, 3 governors, a federal ombudsman, 2 attorney generals and 3 presidents of the republic have been in charge of the investigations, but we continue to without receiving answers. Who ordered Marielle’s murder and why? It is unacceptable that, after five years, none of the authorities that have intervened in this case has been able to solve it. In view of this, we ask President Lula, resorting to international cooperation, to establish an international mechanism of independent experts to help the Public Ministry, the police and other State institutions to investigate the case. We don’t want to have to go back to the streets in a year to demand answers,” he says. Jurema Werneckexecutive director of Amnesty International Brazil.

Amnesty International Brazil once again calls for and demands that the families of Marielle and Anderson and their representatives be guaranteed the right to a transparent investigation, with access to their file. However, to date this has not happened. A hearing was held on March 7 with members of the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro and the Amnesty International Brazil team has requested a hearing with the governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro, for next March 14.

“This continued lack of transparency, in which not even families and their legal representatives have access to investigative work, is unacceptable. We have been requesting meetings with the state authorities for five years, and they have told us that they are going to make an effort to clarify this crime, but for now we still have nothing. It is not acceptable that after five years no one has been convicted of this crime, which shocked the world”, continues Jurema Werneck.

Act: It is a rosary of injustices that has lasted for five years

How many things can happen in 60? Or better yet, in 1,825 days. Both personally and collectively, we have witnessed many changes and events. We ask the public to show us what has changed in their lives by recording videos, showing photos, sharing our materials and posting messages on their social networks with the hashtags #HoradeFazerJustiça #JustiçaporMarielleEAnderson.

Those who are in the center of Rio de Janeiro on March 14 (in Mauá square) or in the cities of Campinas, Porto Alegre, Fortaleza, Belém and Brasilia on March 11 and 12, will be able to write about their stories and experiences. throughout this time on the panel of Amnesty International Brazil to show solidarity with the families of Marielle and Anderson.

In Rio de Janeiro, the action includes the display of one more panel so that people can post photos on their social networks with the hashtags #HoraDeFazerJustiça #JusticePorMarielleEAnderson, in addition to the timeline that will reflect the main events of the case. Sections of Amnesty International around the world will take part in actions to put pressure on the authorities and will actively join us both online and in the streets.

“We will continue on the streets until justice is done. Since the day Marielle and Anderson were murdered, Amnesty International has been raising awareness around the world so that their story will not be forgotten. We will continue to fight courageously in recognition of the important role of Marielle Franco as an activist and defender of human rights”, adds Jurema Werneck.

Amnesty International has spent 2018 demanding justice

Throughout these five years, both Amnesty International Brazil and relatives of the victims and the victim who survived have met on various occasions with the authorities responsible for guaranteeing prompt and effective investigations, such as the governor of Rio de Janeiro —responsible for of the police in the state of Rio de Janeiro—, the people in charge of the General Department of Homicide and Personal Security of Rio de Janeiro and the different prosecutors of the republic and of Rio de Janeiro, to which no one has offered any effective response.

During this five-year period, 6 police chiefs, 11 prosecutors, 4 police secretaries, 3 governors, a federal ombudsman, 2 attorneys general and 3 presidents of the republic have intervened in the case, but we still have not received any answers.

Five years mean lives, dreams and achievements. Marielle’s life was taken from her as a mother, as a woman, as a councilor, as a daughter, as a godmother and as a sister. She couldn’t see her daughter finish college, or her sister finish her graduate school and become a state government minister, or enjoy the little pleasures of life with Monica, her partner. her. They also took the life of Anderson, who was unable to see the achievements of his wife or his son, and who never lived happy moments with his family again. In five years there are many lives and a lot of struggle. Amnesty International will continue to urge people around the world to put pressure on the authorities to find the answer to this question: “Who ordered Marielle’s killing and why?”


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